15 October 2008
Pre-Orders Begin Shipping!
Well everybody, exciting news from the Racket Club. The 2CD deluxe campaign editions of "Happiness is the Road" are rolling out. The printers have brought the first box to us and they look amazing. As quickly as they're coming off the presses, the teams at the mailing house are assembling them and getting them out in the post... in fact we've had reports on the forums (and even a video on YouTube!) that some of you have received them, too.
The 'standard' individual jewel-case edition pre-orders will also begin shipping this week. This is a massive undertaking that will span several days, but the shipping has started, so watch your doormats - you should be getting yours soon.
It's a very exciting but very busy time here at Racket Records so please bear with us. As always we are working as fast and as hard as we can to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible - but because we are using an outside company to ship most of the pre-orders, any online order status in 'My Account' and shipping confirmation emails from Racket Records may be a bit out-of-sync with what is actually happening.
If you HAVEN'T pre-ordered the special edition, these will still be available as long as supplies last (we do have extra copies) - and the 'standard' editions will be available from Racket indefinitely.
Also, a reminder that the new album - in either the deluxe or standard CD formats - will NOT be available in retail shops (outside of the US and Poland); it is is ONLY available from www.marillion.com
Finally, we'd like to say thank you again on behalf of the band (who are all in Europe this week doing promotion for the album and the tour!) for helping us do what we do.
From all of us at Racket Records