5 August 2008
Happiness Is Almost Finished
Well, folks, it looks like we're there! All mixes have been finished and tweaked to the band's satisfaction (poor Mike!) and Mike will go down to Devon next week to "master" the album recordings with genius mastering engineer, Simon Heyworth. By now you may well have heard the samples and have some idea of what a wide-ranging body of work we have produced this time. We're all very happy and proud of the music. Some of these songs will knock you down, and some will open to you over time and become your favourites.
Once again, big thanks to those of you who kept the faith and pre-ordered "Happiness" in the jaws of the credit crunch. You won't regret it. Sorry if it seems like we're bleeding you dry - it's just that we have a lot going on!
There's been much talk and worry amongst our fans of late concerning the security of internet buying. Understandable, considering the much-publicized scams and credit-card fraud around. But don't worry - marillion.com is secure, safe, fast and easy to use (see people's own experiences below).
If you don't have a credit card, or are nervous about using one (and you really needn't worry), check out PayPal - we're all set up to use that too.
It won't be long amigos.. Hooray!
h, Ian, Mark, Pete, Steve
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