29 July 2008
The Plan
Thanks to all of you for the amazing feedback on our new song Whatever Is Wrong With You - we're blown away by the responses. If you missed the eWeb and don't know what we're talking about then check out www.whateveriswrongwithyou.com
We are going to send Whatever Is Wrong With You to radio stations around the world, and - who knows - we may get some radio play! If we do, we will release it as a download single via iTunes on October 1st.
Many of you have been asking if the album is now mixed and finished and when you'll get it, so we have decided to share The Plan with you at last. We have nearly finished mixing the album and it should be mastered in early August. It will then be sent off for manufacturing and (as long as nothing goes wrong!) we should have the pre-orders ready to post to you in early October.
The official release date for Happiness is the Road Volumes 1 & 2 will be October 20th, 2008; but in typical Marillion style we are not exactly going the traditional route!
From release date the album will be available through www.marillion.com (on CD and as a download) and through the usual digital outlets (iTunes, eMusic, Napster, 7 Digital, etc.). However, there will be a very limited retail release: until at least spring 2009 the album will only be available on CD in shops in the USA, Canada, and Poland. So if you haven't pre-ordered from us already, or have friends who might normally buy their Marillion CDs in shops, we want to spread the word that it's simple, safe and easy to buy the album directly from us at www.marillion.com ... AND buying it direct from us helps us, well, directly!
We will also be selling the CDs at all our shows on tour, both this year and next year, but we're sure you won't want to wait that long!
Get those creative juices flowing and get to work on those videos in the mean time...
H, Pete, Mark, Ian, Steve
Marillion Weekend 2009 Updates
After much waiting, tickets for Marillion Weekend 2009 - Canada, at the Théâtre L'Olympia in Montréal, are now on sale!
Just as they are going on sale, though, tickets for the Marillion Weekend - Netherlands are nearly sold out. There is still accommodation left, but the few remaining places are being snapped up quickly.
Also, the band have announced that the Friday night performance at each Marillion Weekend 2009 will include a full performance of Seasons End to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary.
Full details on the Marillion Weekend 2009 and ticket links for both the Netherlands and Canada are at www.marillionweekend.com