20 June 2008
Bring It On
The Marillion Weekend 2009 Netherlands is selling very fast (see www.marillionweekend.com for details) - we've sold over 2/3rd's of the tickets, and very soon we will have to take away the option for you not to share your accommodation so that we can give as many fans as possible the chance to attend. If you've been waiting around to book then NOW is the time - especially if you don't want to share - though we can honestly say that you'll have a great time if you decide to share, as we're confident we can match you with people you like!
The Marillion Weekend 2009 Canada is having the final touches added to it as we speak - we should be able to give you full details next week and put the tickets on sale shortly afterwards. We can't wait to bring the spirit of the traditional Marillion Weekend experience to North America and the band are really looking forward to a Montreal "homecoming".
The new album, Happiness Is The Road is almost at the final mixdown stage and the album promotion is going to start happening over the next couple of months. We'll have some surprises in store for you - more will be revealed soon..
If any of you out there have any great ideas for promotion in whatever country you live, if you would like to be part of our Street Teams, or would like to help the band spread the word, then please visit the Marillion Online Forum at www.marillion.com/forum - the Online/Street Teams forum gives you a place to talk about your ideas with us and with other fans. We'll also continue to give out "thank you" prizes to those with the best ideas!
The Happiness Is The Road Tour dates are all online now (and many are already on sale) - go to www.marillion.com/tour for full details. We look forward to being Happy On The Road with you - maybe even sooner at the summer festivals. Bring 'em on!
We are sitting down with producer Mike Hunter on Monday to listen to the most recent developments of the songs and throw in some final ideas and perspectives. We will send you some sound clips following this meeting. Whey hey!
Pete's Day at Racket
Spent the day at the studio sorting out a bit of bass editing with Mike, and generally tidying up my bass tracks. I love Pro Tools! Ian came in a bit later and we listened to a thing called "Half Empty Jam" - which really is a jam in its raw form that we are tiddling with (and maybe adding a note or two here and there) to make it sound even better. It starts out quite tame but gets really full-on proper loud. Very exciting I think.
I then spent an age trying to get a CDR of me performing in Cervia for The Web Italy to play on one of our computers. I couldn't play it at home on my PC so I tried Mike's Mac. That wouldn't do it, so we tried one of the Racket PCs, then the Racket Mac. I could either watch the show with no sound or hear the music with no video. Eventually I left the problem up to Jon who let me know on my way home that after downloading several codec files and what not he has it all working for me to view next time I'm in. Phew.
Mark in Las Vegas
Hi Webbers from sunny Las Vegas. Sunny? It’s like an oven here. People are saying, "At least it’s a dry heat." I'll remember to say that to the next chicken I roast as I pop him into the oven for dinner.
You may be wondering if I have a gambling problem and couldn't wait until the album was finished before rushing out here to lose my house. Well I'm here for a meeting with a bunch of like-minded Sceptics (or as they spell it over here Skeptic) to discuss and listen to talks on "Modern Skepticism in the Internet Age" Here’s a link if you are interested in finding out more: James Randi's Amazing Meeting
I'll be back on Monday to get together with the boys and Mike to sort out a final running order and make a (hopefully short) list of what still needs doing in the run up to the mixing. Right, I'm off for a few hands of Blackjack. Mustn't forget my lucky rabbit's foot.
Racket Records Spring Cleaning Sale Ends This Weekend
Spring is just about over, which means the Racket Records Spring Cleaning Sale is ALSO coming to an end!
This weekend is the last chance to pick up some great bargains at www.marillion.com/shop before prices change back on Monday morning.