16 January 2002
Making Pacts
Band Member Journal : 
Well, as the good song goes, "Yesterday it was my birthday, I hung one more year on the line," and although there may well be some similarities to the lyrics, I might not want to draw attention! It has occurred to me that this year of 2002 is going to be another busy one for me and Marillion.
Recently I've started listening to Brave again. This is not something I usually do, and in fact I would consider it abnormal behaviour for people to listen to their own music, but two things have struck me while going back in time those few years. First off is what a find Dave Meegan was for us. The depth and colour he brought to our work is still mind-blowing for me. Secondly is what a good job he did of recording us live. This was while listening to Made Again's live version of Brave, recorded in Paris.
However, going back to Brave live was to familiarise myself for the upcoming convention, which will be a groovy cool thing. The whole weekend was quite a scary prospect at first, as there are a lot of hours for us to fill, but we have had lots feedback from people and we have come up with some great ideas along with some guests and old friends to help. We need a break occasionally... the result will be jam packed. I just want to get on the Go-karts myself. and of course the crazy golf.
This year also sees my 20th anniversary of being in the band. Yes, "it was 20 years ago, erm sometime soon....." is how my version of that classic scans. It is weird being in the same band for so long, and yet there is so much we want to still explore in music, I sometimes wonder if we'll ever stop. I made a pact with myself a long time ago - in fact just after I joined - which was, if I ever didn't enjoy being in the any more or found I was doing it for the wrong reasons, I would gracefully step down. This is because I love music too much to be cheapening respect and love of it.
Put me down for another 20 then!