12 May 2008
What A Scorcher
Phew! What a scorcher!
Well, we just had a meeting and decided on final artwork for "Happiness Is The Road". Well done to Antonio Seijas who has been creating the artwork in his native Spain. Erik N passed around a "blank" of the double book and slipcase which will form the special edition. It's looking classy.
Mike H arrived back in the studio today after a much needed week off during which Jon - our new boy - sent off our Mac G5 to be updated and serviced. In other words we've oiled it's gigaROM and it's running more smoothly. I believe you can now stand a pencil on it during a guitar solo.
Next week we'll be recording by day and rehearsing by night for the forthcoming Hard Rock Cafe and Acoustic Festival Of Britain gigs.
Right, I'm off home to put up a hammock and mix some Pimms - it's my birthday on Wednesday. I might as well start celebrating now..
See you soon, cats
One love,
Thanks for your Feedback!
Thanks to everyone who has replied to our eWeb from 2 weeks ago asking for ideas and opinions of a Super-Deluxe Edition of "Happiness is the Road".
Based entirely on your feedback, we're not going to do it! The most common responses of high price, and wanting only some but not all of the proposed items has clearly shown us we need to re-think the idea.
But on the up-side, and based on the SAME feedback, we will probably be making some of the individual releases available separately at some point in the future.
However, what these are and when they will be available is something we're still working on. For now, though, we will be closing the email addresses... but do thank you for your honesty!