28 April 2008
New Ideas For Happiness
With the release of HAPPINESS IS THE ROAD advancing ever-closer, we've been getting more feedback and requests from you via email and the Marillion Online Forum about creating an even-more "super-special" version of the new double album.
At the moment we're designing the PRE-ORDER 'Deluxe Edition' (the one which many of you have already bought) - which will take the form of 2 hard-bound books snugly nestled in a hard slipcase (similar to the Marbles 'Deluxe Edition' but with 2 books instead of one).
However, we are now considering creating an 'Ultimate Edition' of HAPPINESS IS THE ROAD. We've been looking at Trent Reznor's new Nine Inch Nails album "Ghosts I-IV" - the "Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition" package as a starting point (check out http://ghosts.nin.com/main/order_options)
Our initial idea would be to include the entire 'Happiness is the Road' double album on 4 vinyl LPs, a 24-bit/96kHz Hi-definition Audio DVD, a 5.1 surround sound mix of some or all the double album on DVD-A, and a large format (12x12-inch) deluxe artwork book packaged in a special box, numbered and personally autographed by the whole band. This 'Ultimate Edition' would be priced at £150, made in very limited quantities and for a limited time only.
Our question to you is: Are you interested? If enough people are, then we might just be able to make it a reality. See below how to register your interest (or DIS-interest!) and over the next month or so we'll let you know what the response has been!
If you ARE interested in this idea, please email us on yes@marillion.com. We might be able to include MORE goodies in the box – such as guitar picks, drumsticks, and separate master audio files on a data DVD for you to remix – so if YOU have any suggestions as to what else we might include, please put that in your email, too.
If you're NOT interested, it's just as important for us to know why – please email us on no@marillion.com and feel free to add your comments as to why it’s not for you.
Thanks in advance for your feedback - we hope we can give you what you've been asking for.
Steve, Mark, Pete, H, Ian