28 February 2008
Deadline Is This Saturday
TIME IS ALMOST UP to get your name in the special edition of our new baby - Album 15! The 1st of March is also the deadline for you to win one of our MANY fab prizes (all listed at www.marillion.com/preorder if you haven't been already). So don't miss out - make sure your pre-order is with us BEFORE the end of the day (London time!!) this Friday, February 29th.
Your response to date with pre-orders has once again being outstanding and we send out our love and thanks - it still manages to surprise us after all these years.
The recording is going amazingly well despite all the earthquakes and other natural disasters, and we're getting more excited every day by the music that we're creating. You've been asking for some sound clips, so in the next few weeks we'll get some of our work-in-progress together to give you an idea.. And we'll follow THEM with more clips in the weeks leading up to the release.
Talk to you all soon,
Pete, h, Ian, Mark and Steve