11 February 2008
Podcast And Festivals
Racket Club Studio Podcast: A Glimpse of Album 15
After a long hiatus, the Marillion Online Podcast has returned to document the writing and recording of the upcoming album.
The first glimpse at Album 15 - including a sound clip from the new song "Real Tears For Sale" comes to you from the Racket Club studio with Pete Trewavas and Steve Rothery.
If you have iTunes software already installed, you can go straight to the Marillion Online Podcast HERE (the 'Marillion Online Podcast' also appears in the iTunes Podcast directory if you search for Marillion).
If you DON'T have iTunes software installed, you can still listen to the Podcast - just head over to the Marillion Online NEWS Website for full details of how to listen!
Festival and other Special Appearances in 2008
The main Album 15 tour is expected to start in October 2008, but you will still have a chance to see Marillion before that!
A selection of festivals and special appearances in 2008 will see Marillion perform as Los Trios (Steve H, Steve R, and Pete) in March for Child Line; acoustically as a full band at the appropriately-named Acoustic Festival of Britain; and of course in full-on electric form in July and August.
Full details of the performances mentioned, as well as ticket information is availability from www.marillion.com/tour