3 December 2007
Pre-Order Deadlines Extended
We've been getting quite a few emails here at Racket Records in a bit of a panic asking about the Album 15 pre-ordering deadlines for some of the major prizes (especially the chance to play on the album!) that has now passed. It seems a lot of you have been waiting to pre-order until the new live DVD was released (see below!) and since it was delayed a bit are now worried that you'll miss out.
Well, don't fear - in the spirit of the holiday season, we've decided to extend the original 1 December prize draw deadline to the 31 December 2007! This is the absolute last chance, though - the new deadline of 31 December will not be extended again (...and remember you still have until 1 February 2008 to get your name listed in the album credits, and 1 March 2008 to qualify for the REST of the prizes)
For a full update of all the Album 15 Pre-Order details and prizes, just visit www.marillion.com/preorder
Christmas 'Last Posting' Dates
More deadlines now: Be sure to check out the Christmas 2007 Shipping Information for a list of ordering dates and deadlines for around the world... all fall within the next 2 weeks!
Live 2007 Concert DVD Now On Sale
The new 2DVD concert film Somewhere in London was filmed at the final 2 nights of the Somewhere Else album tour at the London Forum in June 2007. It includes all the songs played during the 2 nights at the Forum, plus exclusive tour rehearsal footage from Marillion's Racket Club studio, and surround sound mixes of 4 Somewhere Else album tracks! It is also available as an audio soundtrack download album.