16 November 2007
Another Busy Week
Hi again everyone... It may seem like we keep saying the same thing, but thank you (again!) for your tremendous support with the new Album 15 pre-order. We're still working hard on it for you!
It's been another busy week in the studio for us, jamming with Mike Hunter in the mornings, and then switching over to 'rehearsal' mode for the upcoming Snow-where Else tour. Mike continues to be impressed by the new ideas we're coming up with every day, and has been spending the afternoons working on pulling out the best moments so that we can listen-back to them after the tour.
While he's editing jam-ideas together, we've been plugging-in, programming, and polishing our set list for the tour - which has been quite a challenge this time, because we're dropping in a few tracks that we haven't played in ages (the memory ain't what it used to be!) PLUS learning to play 2 new tracks for you: "Circular Ride" and the never-before-heard "Real Tears For Sale".
There's still a week to go yet, and the tour rehearsals seem to have limbered us up for our morning jam sessions - so there's a lot more to come! We'll keep you posted, and continue to upload photos and videos to the Royal Artist Club at www.royalartistclub.com/marillion
More soon...
h, Mark, Pete, Ian, Steve
PS - The Racket boys have just reminded us to remind YOU that the pre-order deadline for any of the Snow-where Else tour prizes is next Tuesday, 20th November, and say you should go to www.marillion.com/preorder for full info!