15 October 2001
The Kebab Hut Of Luxury
Racket Club Studio Update : 
It's been a while since our last report from the Racket Club. We have finally settled into the new offices (complete with reception area/chill out zone). Erik, Lucy and their team of helpers mucked in to make sure that the single orders were dispatched on time while the rest of the band and crew were in Portugal and the Azores (Lucy flew over to the Azores with paper cuts all over her hands so she must have been working hard!). Erik handled all e-mails and orders from our makeshift office in the lounge (we also found that Pete's bass flight cases make excellent packing tables!) but we are all glad to say that the new office is an 100% improvement on the old green hut. All we need now is for Lucy to tidy her desk (hint!) and everything will be complete.
While the band are on tour I've taken over the job of cataloguing the 'Radiation' DAT tapes ready for the next 'Dusk till Dot' CD. Erik has already found the full demo's from the vaults and we should be ready to compile the writing 'snippets' by the time the band return from Poland.
Hello to everyone who I met at the Astoria on Wednesday. I fully intended to take a day off and enjoy the gig down the front but instead I ended up helping run the merchandise stall! I also got the job of escorting the electric slug back to the Racket Club after the gig. Please...Don't Ask!
Photos were September/October 2001 by Erik Nielsen and Colin Price:
The old "Kebab Hut" is emptied out
The last photo of the old Kebab hut
Racket Records temporary office in the Racket Club lounge
The new cabin is delivered and lifted onto the foundations
Erik moves Racket Records offices into the new "Kebabs 2"
Colin and Stewart enjoy a beverage in the new reception area