19 October 2007
Clips From Somewhere In London
In anticipation of the impending release of our new Marillion concert DVD Somewhere in London, filmed at the London Forum, June 2007, we'd like to share the following two preview tracks with you on YouTube: Faith and Somewhere Else
New Live DVD in November
Both tracks are taken from the Special 2-Disc Extended Edition only available at www.marillion.com from November 2007.
We'd like to ask you, if you enjoy the clips, to give them an appropriate star rating and add them to your favourites list on YouTube. As we are writing this we are currently the 3rd favourite clip on the music part of YouTube so we'd like your help to keep us up in the Top 10!
Cheers loves,
h, Ian, Mark, Pete, Steve
PS - If you want the direct link to YouTube, try: http://uk.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=BDD0B22DBC6F47AB