13 September 2007
Back to Work
Hello! Pete here...
Am I glad the kids are back to school! I get the house back to myself in the morning - which is when I do lots of writing.
If anyone saw the Royal Artist Club website recently then you will know that Steve Rothery and I went up to visit Laney on Monday. A very impressive array of new amps were placed at our disposal, so we got to do that music shop thing where you bring out your most impressive finger work or play some old favourite riffs that would otherwise be too embarrassing to air in public.
Talking of writing, I'm just off to the studio to do some work with Mr. Rothery and I hear that Mike has been trawling through a whole bunch of jams he recorded while we were rehearsing for the tour earlier in the year. (I popped in to the Racket Club yesterday and heard something very far out and wobbly which excited me to no end!)
I also had a great time over in Lyon a couple of weekends ago with The Web France. I got to eat loads - and played a few songs for my supper - so thanks to Laurent and Wibke for their hospitality, and to everyone else for such a good time.
Bye now!
New Arrival
We have a new arrival in the Marillion family! Mark and his partner Angie are now the proud parents of baby boy (no name yet) weighing in at exactly 8 pounds after a 1hr and 10 minute labour. He was born at home at 08.40am 07/09/07 and the midwife arrived with 5 minutes to spare. Phew! Both Angie and baby are doing great. Congratulations!
Some News from Mr. Rothery...
Since coming back from the festival in Colmar, I've been working on the Wishing Tree album. It's a slow process as I'm pretty much doing everything (writing, engineering and playing all the instruments apart from the drums). It's slowly progressing. I'm going to California for a couple of weeks in October to record some vocals with Hannah. I'm really trying to get the album finished.
I gave a talk at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford in June of this year about the band and how we've survived so long in the music industry and my experiences of being a professional musician for the last twenty five years.
I've also been in talks with a music store in LA about doing a two hour guitar class there. If there's sufficient interest in the UK for such an event (or in any other country) I'll look into arranging them. You can register your interest by emailing me at info@postcardsfromtheroad.co.uk