17 July 2007
Summer, Naturally
Hello summer revellers!
Had enough rain yet? I know I have. Never mind - there's always the night, and the night is for going gigging!
Now Marillion have more-or-less finished the European tour, I thought I'd pop out on my own for a few shows stark naked, in the buff, just me and a piano i.e. h Natural. The full list of upcoming shows - including links to venues and ticket information - is available on www.marillion.com/tour
If you've never caught such a show before, then the idea is that I show up without much of a plan except for 60 or so songs that I think are important and that I've kind of learned. Usually there's also a piano and some candles. After that, the show goes where the audience takes it. We talk. I talk. I say I'll play for an hour. Sometimes it's 2. Sometimes it's 3! It's a very different kind of show. VERY intimate and very err..natural.
Come inside out of the rain and share one with me.
One love
What is "H Natural"?
Steve Hogarth began playing h Natural concerts in 2006 across Europe, featuring songs from Marillion, The h Band, and his early work with The Europeans and How We Live. The shows also draw from a grab bag of inspired covers, including songs by David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel, The Waterboys, and many others.
Each h Natural performance is unique, and not just in terms of the set list: Armed only with a piano and a sea of candles, Hogarth shares stories, chats with the audience, and sometimes sings for hours on end, depending on the evening's atmosphere.
The eponymously-titled h Natural DVD (available only from Racket Records) captures one of these shows - and individual audio downloads from the 2006 h Natural European Tour are available from the h-tunes website at www.h-tunes.com.