6 July 2001
All Alone
Racket Club Studio Update :
The tour is over, and thanks to Colin, Racket isn't swamped, and we're able to catch up on Bonus Discs, and stock levels... hey, rock 'n' roll isn't always parties!
Stewart has re-patched the studio ready to work on a load of exciting stuff that I can't really mention at this time... but he's hard at work mixing! He's getting a helping had from our new 'intern' - a student on work experience who wants to get into music. "Tell him to get a proper job!" shouts Stewart!
However, this is an unusual situation for me - for the first time since August 1997 (apart from a brief hiccup in 1998 thanks to the Home Office!) I'm sat at home updating the website while the boys are winging their way to Switzerland for this weekend's festival show. Normally I would go with them to tech at the gig, but my parents are visiting my home from the USA for the first time - and the band have graciously allowed me to stay and show them around Oxford!
Poor Colin, though... I've had to brief him on the not-so-straight-forward setup that is Mark's keyboards, where to change what patch for Pete, and when H needs the cricket bat - still, he's having a grand time, and I'm sure it'll be a great gig!
But a Racket Club with no one there but me feels just a bit empty!

Photos were taken June 2001 by Erik Nielsen:
The work-study student gets a tutorial from Mark
Stewart takes a well-deserved break from re-patching the studio