19 June 2007
Thankyou Whoever You Are
Phew! Now that was a long tour! Thanks to everyone who came and saw us on the Somewhere Else Tour. The vibe was amazing every single night and we hope you enjoyed the gigs as much as we did. Now talking of singles we have some great news - we have our highest EVER chart position in Holland at number 6 and in the UK we are number 15 - so thanks so much to all of you who bought it and supported us.
As usual radio aren't playing the song unless they have to in chart countdowns - so if you feel like contacting your local radio station and asking them (nicely!) to play it then that's fine with us. (If you think radio play doesn't work there are already 2 people who have joined the Marillion Online Forum because they have heard us on the radio in the last few weeks - on Bob Harris and a regional radio station.) There are probably many more people out there who could become part of our family if only they were given the chance to hear us.
Of course national radio in the UK could do with a good kick, too, so feel free to email them as well.
We're having a quick rest before we head out to Oslo at the weekend and several summer festivals to follow (see the TOUR section of our website for details) - we'll get back to you later in the summer with some more news about what's going to happen next in Marillion World.
In the meantime, have fun!
H, Mark, Pete, Ian and Steve.
Tour merchandise now available at Racket Records
We're aware that many people were unable to get tour merchandise at some of the shows on the recent tour, and to add to that, we will be unable to bring merchandise to the Oslo show and summer festivals...
So! Racket Records now has remaining tour merchandise for sale via the website. This includes the full range of Somewhere Else T-shirts, the baseball cap, lyric booklet/tour programme, car stickers and mouse mats - as well as the Somewhere Else website merchandise.
Remaining supplies of the tour date T-shirts are also available - but these particular shirts will not be re-manufactured once they are gone; so if you were at a show and missed out, don't delay.
Racket Records