14 June 2007
One Last Push
Okay. The new single. You've heard it all before, but we promise this is the last eWeb you'll get about it. (Well, apart from the one next Monday telling you where we end up.)
We're currently just hanging on at number 10, and are the highest new entry in the charts this week so far. We got an email from Radio 1 asking for the single. It's on the edge of happening, but that young pop princess Kelly Clarkson is catching us up. You know what you have to do.
If you haven't bought the single yet (it's called "Thankyou Whoever You Are" if you've missed it, and is available in 3 lovely flavours: blue, magenta, and green)... get out there and buy it! We've told you about the new tracks on there - we put them there to give you a good REASON to buy 'em, so at least you're getting something new - but even if you're not that bothered about the new tracks, you can still help by picking up your copies. After all, that's what car boot sales and Ebay are for, isn't it?
We're all off today getting ready for the last 2 shows of the tour in London - we'll be hitting Oxford Street and picking up our own copies of the single (nothing says the band can't buy their own music) so come join us in the final push. You know you want to - if we can hang on until Saturday night we're still in with a chance to go Top 10.
If nothing else, your spare singles will make excellent beer mats. And Marillion will be a Top 10 band. That'll show 'em!