12 June 2007
New Single Out Now
From the Band, From the Road
Just like to say a huge thank you to all our fans around the world for making every gig on the 'Somewhere Else' European tour so very special. Please give yourselves a massive round of applause. Cheers ..Ian
Well - there I was this morning trying to buy a lawnmower in Banbury when I realized our new single is out today! It's strange to dive out of the tour situation into the madness of moving house but that's what I've been doing. In between hammer-drilling, I'm writing emails and getting ready for a show tonight. I fell off the stage in Glasgow (no, it wasn't on purpose!) and my legs have gone a very interesting shade of indigo. Wolverhampton tonight.. Thanks a lot to all who have attended this tour - I must echo the rest of the band and say you've been amazing. There's been an amazingly spiritual atmosphere on the whole. And more girls... Hmm.. Marvellous h
Hi all. I have been really surprised by how different this tour feels compared to the last few tours as I remember them. There is a real empathy between us on stage and you lovely people, which I haven't picked up on before before in the same way. I know everyone is really enjoying the changing set lists and we, as a band, are having a lot of fun with it - even to the point of tearing up the list and playing completely different songs some nights. Thanks for all the emails and letters of appreciation - we do read them, even if we can't reply to them all Have fun in the sun and Thankyou, whoever you are. Pete
It’s been a long tour but a lot of fun on the whole. Apart from doing my back in in Warsaw I have enjoyed the experience. Can’t wait to get back in the studio! - Steve R
I have to agree with Pete, it’s been a fun tour and it really makes it interesting not knowing what songs we are going to play each night. Even though we almost always write a set list (one night Frenchie, the tour manager chose the songs) we sometimes drift so far from it that it’s not even worth looking at it. I’ve also enjoyed a virtually trouble free tour from a technical point of view, with the notable exception of Portsmouth on Saturday night when the piano began playing itself! This got a few laughs from the crowd but it meant we had to cut the encores short. Thanks for making it a very memorable tour - Mark
New Marillion Single in the Shops
The new single Thankyou Whoever You Are/Most Toys is now available in the UK and Holland! You can pick it up in your local high-street shops - and if you're in the UK, it's available from iTunes (plus an exclusive iTunes live bundle)
If you live outside the UK or Holland and want to get your hands on them, HMV and Townsend Records online shops both ship world-wide, and carry all 3 formats of the single.
If you're in Nottingham or Cambridge, remember that the band will be stopping by your local HMV today and tomorrow respectively for a quick acoustic set and a signing session (per store policy, the band will only be able to sign items purchased in the store - but this is the perfect chance to pick up your copies of the new single!)