30 May 2007
Racket Records Updates
We're dropping you this eWeb as "plain text" as we've had a few of you write in letting us know that you weren't receiving our recent updates. We've recently changed the format the new 'My Account' page to make it a lot easier for you to change your personal settings. To make sure you get our eWeb newsletter, it is important that you do 2 things:
1. Go to www.marillion.com/account and log on to your Marillion Online account. Once logged in, make sure that you are signed up for the eWeb newsletter with your current and correct email address, and then choose either HTML (with full website-like images and links) or Plain Text (like this email and the 'old' eWeb) email format.
2. Add the email address "eweb@marillion.com" to your spam filters, anti-virus, email program filters, or other internet protection software "safe list" to make sure it gets through to you. Some of these programs will automatically block HTML-type emails, so switching to Plain Text eWebs might also help.
Once you do both of these, you should get emails from us with no problems. If you still do not receive our emails, you may need to contact your ISP or IT department directly to see if there are additional 'hidden' email filters somewhere along the line (email filters and incorrect email addresses are actually the only reasons that would stop our emails getting to you).
This is also a quick reminder from all of us at Racket Records to all our Front Row Club members, that you have until 3rd June to opt-out of FRC-037. To do this, just visit www.marillion.com/account to log in to your Marillion Online account. Visit the Front Row Club section, and un-tick the box next to FRC-037 if you don't want to receive it. Simple, eh?
More news on the UK tour and upcoming single soon - so make sure to check your settings in 'My Account' on www.marillion.com/account