14 May 2007
New Email Newsletter
Hello to all of you eWebbers.
You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to the Marillion eWeb newsletter service on our 'old' system.
Recently, we have moved over to a new free account-based system that lets you manage your subscription directly - and have previously sent out several emails to let you know about the changes.
We have noticed that most of you have made your way over to the new system and signed up for the 'new' service. However, for those of you who haven't, we need to let you know that this email is the LAST we will be sending using the 'old' system.
This means that if you have not checked your account on the 'new' system (link below), you will no longer receive email updates about Marillion, band member solo projects, Racket Records releases, and special announcements.
So please head to www.marillion.com/shop/customer.php and make sure you stay informed (and look for a newsletter from the new system later today!).
Best Regards,