13 April 2007
First Day On Tour
Well thanks to all of you who have gone out and bought Somewhere Else. The feedback from around the world has been amazing and great things are still happening. There is certainly a buzz about this album and we're loving every second of it. If you haven't bought it yet then rush to the shops tomorrow and buy yourself a copy - you'll be missing out if you don't (though of course you know we'd say that!) If in doubt head to www.myspace.com/marillion and check out the sound clips and videos we've posted for you.
We're in Gibraltar now getting ready to play our first gig of the tour tomorrow night and we're really excited. Tickets are still available via www.marillion.com/tour for certain dates so let's spend a night together soon - we know you'll have fun!
We'll be releasing a another single (UK only) in June (but and we'll have more news about that soon) - last time we got in trouble with the chart people for asking you to buy copies for H's birthday. We don't want to get in trouble again, but we'll tell you now that it WILL be in time for Ian's birthday!
H, Mark, Ian, Pete and Steve