2 April 2007
Final Chart Position
At the end of last week, the new single 'See It Like A Baby' reached Number 45 in the UK charts. But don't be unhappy (we're not!); it's benefited us in quite a few ways. Most of all it has got us some radio play - which we wouldn't have got if the single wasn't scheduled for release... Just one of those rules they have here in the UK.
By being Number 1 on the HMV downloads charts and strongly featured on other charts (such as Number 1 at 7 Digital), it gave us exposure to the vast amounts of people who frequent these sites looking for music. HMV for example were so impressed we were number 1 that they have put our album on the 'hot pre-releases' page and given us a free header banner on their website - and that is all great advertising.
Also by having the song on iTunes, etc., around the world it's working as a 'taster track' to get people interested in the new album. Since 'See It Like A Baby' was released we have been getting good responses from media requesting more interviews for newspapers, magazines, and radio. So a big "Thank you!" to all of you who DID buy it - you helped our campaign!
Many fans emailed to say they wouldn't buy a music download and quite a lot of people who tried got confused by the 'new fangled technology'. We have received quite a few emails and comments on our Forums from those of you who are still somewhat unsure of digital downloads of music, so we've had a scrounge around the Racket Club to put something together to keep anyone from missing out...
We have a small remaining supply of the promotional-only singles we sent out to radio stations across Europe, pressed up on a "real" CD - so we will be selling these off while supplies remain. In addition to this single, you'll also get a special 'Somewhere Else Sampler' CD that was sent out with the single, with clips of 6 tracks from the new album. Just head over to www.marillion.com/shop/offers for ordering details to get the "See It Like A Baby" single in the only physical format that will ever exist!
Finally, if you haven't already pre-ordered "Somewhere Else" don't forget that time is running out - if you go to www.townsendrecords.co.uk you can still pre-order the album with an exclusive 3-track live DVD.
Now we're concentrating on the final remaining days of rehearsals for the tour (which starts on April 14th) and finishing off some last minute interviews and radio sessions for the album - we're all in great spirits, and will see you Somewhere Else very soon!