30 March 2007
The Final Push
Good news! We're on course to having a UK top-40 single with "See It Like A Baby". We've also been number 1 in the HMV downloads chart all week which has given us some great exposure in the media and at radio. This is all down to you - you've made it happen again.
But this is the final push - if you haven't downloaded it yet, you only have today and tomorrow to really make it count towards this week's charts. We know a lot of you don't normally download, but the way things are headed with the industry, this will be more and more common in the not-so-distant future... Embrace this new-fangled technology! What a way to experiment! Give it a go before it's too late!
We're rehearsing like mad for a couple of upcoming radio sessions in the UK (as well as the Somewhere Else Tour, of course) in between phone interviews, photo shoots, email questionnaires, and suit fittings (yes, really). We've got the world-wide press bashing down our door, so thanks to all of you who are out there handing out flyers, and generally spreading the word. Keep it up as the reviews that have started to come in are wonderful.
Are you still reading this? Go download "See It Like A Baby" instead!
H, Ian, Pete, Mark and Steve