21 April 2001
Pre-orders, Cardboard, Aspirin!
Racket Club Studio Update :
Zero hour is finally upon us, and as we are in full-on packing mode! The Special Edition Pre-Order CD's have finally arrived and to be honest we are totally knocked out with the packaging. This is a special album and we hope you agree that it was well worth the wait. Thanks to Stewart's master plan and extraordinary DIY skills, we now have a packaging area that can cope perfectly with the increasing demand for Racket Records goodies.
As Erik has mentioned in the previous Studio Journal, the band have not stopped since completing Anoraknophobia. They have recently recorded some acoustic versions of the new songs for radio sessions, and they rock! They are currently rehearsing the set for the May tour. Rothers has built a huge wall of amps and gadgets in his corner, Pete has his brilliant new blue-glowing bass rig, H is surrounded by his usual shakers, pink guitars and keyboards, Mark is programming some fantastic new sounds at high volume, and Ian is back behind the mighty double bass drum kit ready to give all of the 'front row regulars' a very hard time.
We now have 2 digital cameras on full alert at the Racket Club, primed and ready to capture anything that moves in order to bring you the very latest from Planet Marillion! Enough chat....more cardboard.

Photos were taken March/April 2001 during rehearsal for the Anoraknophobia tour by Erik Nielsen and Colin Price:
h straps on the cricket bat in rehearsals
Ian struggles to stay awake behind the kit
Mark works out chords on his new touring rig
Pete in rehearsal
Steve set up in his 'corner of power'
h confuses surgical spirit for bitter