16 March 2007
See It Like A Baby
Happy Friday everyone. As promised earlier this week, more news about our new single.
"See It Like A Baby" will be released as a download single across Europe on 26 March 2007. As it's a download single, you won't be able to buy it in your local shop, but you WILL be able to buy it from wherever you're reading this email!
It will be available via iTunes, Napster, and just about every other place where you can buy music downloads. Most high-street record stores do this on their websites, too - like HMV, Virgin, Fopp, Free Record Shop, FNAC... You get the idea.
The best bit about all of this is that download sales count towards the UK charts (and some other singles charts across Europe, too) so please click away on Monday the 26th and see if we can better the number 7 spot that "You're Gone" reached back in 2004.
Of course, you know that with the single release the album isn't far behind - if you haven't checked out the sound clips on www.myspace.com/marillion you can get a sneak preview of the album. We've also just uploaded a video of the new track "Most Toys" performed live at Marillion Weekend 2007 - check it out and pass the word along!
So, to re-cap: the new single "See It Like A Baby" is available as a download on 26 March 2007. The new album "Somewhere Else" is out on 9 April 2007. And we'll see you on tour starting on 14 April!