16 November 2006
Racket Christmas Cracker
It's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. It may be over a month until Christmas, but we're here with news of new stocking stuffers and advice to 'order early to avoid disappointment'!
First, though, news of the new album and 2007 tour. Marillion's 14th studio album, entitled "Somewhere Else," is released in March 2007 with an extensive tour to follow. Most of the dates have been announced and many tickets are already on sale. Visit www.marillion.com/tour for full information.
Now on to the goodies. Brand new "Somewhere Else" limited-edition teaser shirts are in just in time for Christmas, featuring exclusive teaser artwork and album title. By popular request, Holidays in Eden and Fugazi album cover T-shirts are now available. We've also added a new embroidered scarf to match our popular winter hats, a new coffee mug sporting our football badge logo, and even a limited-edition version of "Marbles" on vinyl. Head on over to www.marillion.com/shop for the complete catalogue, photos, and ordering.
We have also confirmed the "Last Posting Dates" and have set our annual ordering deadlines for Christmas delivery - they are unfortunately significantly earlier than previous years due to the dates provided by Royal Mail, so be sure to check them and order in time!
Finally, this year's Web Fan Club Christmas CD is on the horizon - it features a special Christmas song plus the full live concert from Marillion's appearance at the Wianki Festival in Krakow, Poland earlier this year. Best of all, the CD is free with membership to any of our 8 Web Fan Clubs: check out www.marillion.com/web for a complete list.
Look forward to a new Marillion Online Podcast coming soon with more of your questions answered - and more news about the upcoming album "Somewhere Else"