13 April 2001
Things Aren't Working
Band member journal:

It's been a strange week on the technical front. First the central heating boiler stopped working. The chap came 'round to chip me out after three days (it was the coldest week of the year) just to let me know it needed a new part, and he'd be back in the morning. Of course, he didn't turn up. British Gas called to say that he'd had an accident, so they'd have to send another engineer. "Can't the new engineer just bring the part and fix it?" I enquired. "Oh no, we can't do that!" Anyway, three days later, after lots of threats about consumer programs and extreme violence, it got fixed.
So, off to the studio! Approximately 50 miles, a nice casual ride into the country, and traveling the opposite direction to rush-hour traffic. After about 20 miles, I couldn't help but feel that the car wasn't behaving as it should be. Aargh! A puncture. Oh well, a simple task. Well, it would be a simple task if the wheel nuts hadn't welded themselves to their threads
Well, I'll call Volkswagen emergency assistance. They were very helpful the time I had to call them out at 3 AM a few weeks back - after I wound down the driver's side window and it promptly disappeared into the door never to be seen again. The chap couldn't fix it, so he towed the car somewhere for safe keeping overnight. Oh, the joy of not having a driveway, only residents' parking. But I digress. Sorry.
A chap arrives, and guess what... it takes him an hour to get the wheel off. "Never had that much trouble with a wheel before," he mumbles. The punctured tyre is not reparable - so some advice: do not drive at 70 miles an hour on a flat tyre for any sustained amount of time. It's expensive and foolish.
Next time I write a paragraph for the website, I will tell you about the fun you can have with online banking, and how my new digital TV box has turned into just a box.
The boys in the band gave me the nickname of 'moaner'. Don't you think they've got a cheek!