LYRICS - Asylum Satellite #1

Hogarth | Kelly | Mosley | Rothery | Trewavas

It said in the paper that 90% of the universe went missing this morning
Tonight I lost 90% of what was left..

They send us up here to get us out of the way
We worry, and they don't like what we say
Seems obvious to us what's right and what is wrong
But it seems that our opinions don't belong

La la la

So we're all up here together on Asylum Satellite 1
We're looking down together from Asylum Satellite 1

I can remember, back in '22
They changed the law - came knocking on the door
In that same moment, the broadband seemed to go..
Phones all dead. Gone dizzy in the head..

La la la

Next thing y'know
They put us on a transport to the stars
So we're orbitting the earth together
And, right now, slightly to the left of Mars
It's all so clear
We can see the madness perfectly from here.