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22 May 2006
Footie Fever

In what is expected to be Marillion's only live gig this year, the band head to Krakow for the traditional Wianki 'Wreath' festival in just over a month. This free festival takes place on 24 June - more details are available on www.marillion.com/tour
While Marillion are in the studio writing and recording album number 14, we thought we would celebrate the World Cup and come up with a new range of footie-inspired retro-style clothing PLUS a limited-edition authentic Marillion football jersey (from the only team that won't let you down this June!)
New men's AND women's T-shirts, a new lightweight summer jacket, our Marillion football jersey, and some great trendy bags - all items you've requested. Visit the clothing and merchandise pages at www.marillion.com/shop for a complete list of the new items, PLUS new photographs of all our clothing and merch in EVERY product description.
And finally, we are happy to announce that we have a new member of the Web Fan Club family - the Web Portugal has been given our official stamp of approval. Find out more about their Portuguese-language magazine, their upcoming plans (a special 'h Natural' show in July!) and the people behind the new Web Portugal at www.marillionados.com