“Dead yet alive, Gone but shouting anger, Gone but talking perfect sense...”A Voice From The Past
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13 January 2006
Happy (Belated) New Year

It may be a week or so late, but Happy New Year to all our fans around the world.
At the start of this week, the band were already back in the studio starting work on writing songs for the new album. We will definitely be updating you over the next few months on how they are getting on, but the writing has only started and there isn't much to tell just yet!
We are also hard at work putting the final details together for the next Marillion Weekend world-wide convention to be held in Holland in February 2007. All information will be posted to the Marillion Weekend website - www.marillionweekend.com - at the beginning of next month.
In order to finalise the plans, though, we need some urgent answers to a few important questions. We have put these up in the Marillion Online Forum and would be grateful if you could log in and add your comments to help us make sure the weekend caters for everyone.
Thanks in advance, and more news soon!