“As you watch my words appearing, The fear will go, And everything will flow..”Invisible Ink
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10 April 2020
Happy Easter

Happy "Good" Friday/Happy Easter/Happy Lockdown,

Lovely weather in England 😎

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy and obeying whatever rules your own country has set in place. As it's Easter Weekend, Mark had the cool idea of us virtually-getting-together to record a new version of Easter in our homes. 

Hopefully it will put a smile on your faces. Thanks to messrs Hunter and Kennedy for the technical wizardry.


Tonight at 8.00pm UK time the very same Mark Kelly will be hosting a 'Marillion Quiz' over on our official Facebook page.


Of course there are no prizes for taking part, just the self satisfaction and inner-glow that you
'know your stuff'! 

Not sure how well any of us will do but we will all be watching and cheering Mark on (it was his birthday yesterday too).

We hope you have been enjoying the updates we have been sending out via our social media channels. Remember you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on our official 'App'. 

We hope to run a few competitions soon and as long as this situation continues, we will make sure we keep in touch as much as possible.

So until we meet again in person, stay close (well, 2m close), stay home, stay calm and have faith.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve