“Dead yet alive, Gone but shouting anger, Gone but talking perfect sense...”A Voice From The Past
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29 September 2017
Living In FEAR Single Release Update

Hello - we sent this Eweb a few weeks ago but as the release date is getting closer we thought we'd give you all a reminder!

We thought it might be cool to give F E A R another promotional “bump” as we intend to continue touring our new baby well-into 2018. 

Nothing works so well as a top ten chart position so…
Mike H, our resident genius producer has made a radical remix/edit of “Living In Fear” complete with outro taken from our live show at the 2017 Convention. 
Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate a hit single at the Royal Albert Hall?   :)
The preorder is live now in most countries for a release date of 6th October. 
You gave us top 5 with “You’re Gone”. Can you do it again?  We have a feeling you just might…
See you very soon
h, M, S, P, I

Living in F E A R Video - https://youtu.be/6lNOv-QVeuo

Burning Shed - https://burningshed.com/artists/artist_marillion