“Lie down in the flowers, In the blue of the air, Open your eyes, Why use up your life for anything else?”A Few Words for the Dead
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18 May 2015
H Diaries Volume 1 On Kindle

Hello beautiful world. Bonjour beau monde!
I'm pleased to announce the release of Vol 1 of my diaries "The Invisible Man - 1991-97" in the Kindle format. 
You can now live my life on your tablet... Or have me in your pocket.
Volume 2 (1998-2014) will be available later in the year.
Thanks to all who came to Marseille at the weekend! Marvellous.
See you for more naturalness and supernaturalness in Paris on Saturday ..or Gibraltar Saturday-week.
I'm also delighted to announce that guitar-legend Dave Gregory and up n'coming drumming legend Nial Hogarth will join me on stage in Paris this weekend prior to our appearance together in Gib!
How perfectly fabulous and formidable...
Love and handstands, mes amis