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19 August 2010
A Few Words From Mr h

Well! What a fantastic reaction from the Polish fans in Charlotty. I had a wander round the amphitheatre before the show (something I rarely do) and met quite a few fans who were all very enthusiastic but courteous and patient. Thanks for that. I enjoyed our gig very much and hope to do it again in the future. A couple of weeks "holiday" now and then Loreley. Marvellous!

I'm delighted to announce an h Natural return to Dublin on the 6 Nov at Crawdaddy in Dublin (go to www.marillion.com/tour for details).

For those of you who haven't experienced me er.. "n@ked", it's just me, my voice and a piano. I play whatever I fancy in the moment, and I'm also there to have a chat with the audience, answer questions, talk about my life, hear about yours ..and I have been known to play the odd request too.

h Natural is very natural, and is a chance to hear my favourite songs pared down to their essence.

Downloads from the 3 h Natural 'Birthday' shows in May 2010 are also now available HERE.


Viva Polska!

Mr h