“I haven't changed I swear I haven't changed, How did this happen? I didn't feel myself, Evaporating...”The Invisible Man
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17 November 2009
Happiness On Vinyl

'Happiness Is The Road' Limited edition Vinyl albums available to Pre-order now.
Whilst the band are still out doing some very successful Less Is More shows, we have been busy down here at The Racket Club.
With only 6 weeks until Christmas we are pleased to announce the release of the Happiness is the Road albums on limited edition vinyl. 
Each one is a double album and has been cut to 180gram black Vinyl at 45rpm in an effort to keep the quality as high as possible.
For full ordering details please go to: www.marillion.com/music/albums/hitrvinyl.htm
Throughout the shop we have reduced the prices on many items - just in time for your Christmas shopping. Remember it's getting cold so we have a few fleeces, hats and jackets to keep you warm and a few great cut price t-shirts for our fans that are still basking in the sunshine! (not jealous).
Racket Records places "Ordering Deadlines" on orders in early December.
These Ordering Deadlines can be found at: www.marillion.com/help/orderinfo.htm
The band are back from Europe this week and have a few days off before heading back out for the final leg of the Less Is More tour. All dates are sold out except for Dublin which still had a few tickets left.
We'll get the band to send you an update soon but remember you can follow Mark Kelly on Twitter and enjoy his on the road tweets! @markke11y
Racket Records Office Team