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16 September 2009


Transmission continues...
Hopefully it was worth the wait! Here is a specially extended episode of Racket Television. www.youtube.com/marillionofficial
The band have taken a quick break from rehearsals for the upcoming tour, to answer some of your questions submitted via the Marillion Online Forum.
'Less is More' is available to Pre-order now from marillion.com and includes the new track 'It's Not Your Fault'.
We will see you again with the next episode very soon.
Transmission ends...
H, Mark, Ian, Pete and Steve
You can view Racket Television from the following places:
Marillion frontpage: www.marillion.com
Marillion YouTube page: www.youtube.com/marillionofficial
Marillion ilike page: www.ilike.com/artist/Marillion
Marillion Podcast: Via the iTunes store, search 'Marillion Online Podcast'

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