“I cannot sleep For all these dreams, They come to play, Till dawn comes stealin' them away..”Fruit of the Wild Rose
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February 20th, 2:57 pm


We are on our 'day off' - travelling to the last show of the tour in Dallas. Here are some unseen 'backstage' photos from the last few days. ... See moreSee less


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Kind of broken hearted that I will have to miss the Dallas show. I first really started to get into Marillion when Marbles came out. Then I found I was hooked. I ended up buying everything Marillion had released. I kept hoping that on their infrequent American tours, they would add some dates in Texas. Low and behold, my wish came true this year. Finally, I would get the chance to see the boys live... then I found out that I have pancreatic cancer. I have spent most of the last three and a half months in the hospital. Maybe if I survive the cancer treatment I will have another oppprtunity.

Can’t wait for the 1st ever Marillion show in Dallas tomorrow night. Really hoping Afraid of Sunlight stays in the set list, that song has been a big part of my life and seeing it live would be a bucket list, mean the world to me moment....thanks again for coming to Texas...stay dry ⛱

After waiting several years,Thank you Marillion for returning to Grand Rapids. It was the most amazing evening and we are very thankful. Thank you.

Waiting for you guys here in Dallas! More than 25 years listening to your songs... even in our wedding ( 1999) we danced to a Marillion tune!!! 😊 tomorrow we are taking our 17 years old son to the concert 😃

Thank you so much for coming! We adore you We are so happy you played 2 Michigan shows. We had seen you several times here years ago. Yes, at the Orbit Room and Roseville. It was wonderful and you will always have a loyal and dedicated fan base here. We hope you know, just how much we love you. Safe travels home after you "wow" Dallas tomorrow night. COME BACK SOON.

The show at the Arcada was epic!

Seeing you in Atlanta made me want to move to Europe, so I could see you 10 times a year instead of my once-every-10-years. Thank you for coming all the way to my backdoor and putting on a spectacular show!

a million thanks for bringing your boxes of noises and light, and your incomparable magic. You make our lives richer.

The three shows I saw were amazing, with each being better than the day prior. Last night in St. Charles was amazing and the standing ovation for "The Leavers" was amazing.

Thank you for coming to Grand Rapids. Wishing you all safe travels back home. Cheers.

The two show on ctte were great but last night show at Arcada Theater in St Charles I thought it was outstanding. Every on was spot on and the sound was fantastic. Brilliant show Guys.

Missed your show in USA, hoping you will be back and put Huntsville, Alabama on the next tour. You would be well received.

Such an amazing show in St. Charles last night. Thanks for everything!

Thanks for coming to Grand Rapids. "H" even mentioned the old Orbit Room venue from their 1989 tour. Hearing Invisible Man, The Great Escape, This Strange Engine AND Afraid Of Sunlight all in the same concert was awesome.

This is why teenagers want to be rock stars. 🙂

Back to Portland today after three shows, all special and amazing in their own ways. Thank you for making the journey! See you in Montreal...

Enjoy your last state side gig boys. You deserve a well earned break I recogn. See you in Aylesbury on March 25th.😁

wish you a great show in Dallas, and a safe trip back. Hope to see you again, maybe I will be lucky to meet you !!!!!!!!

Steve R.: You probably don't even remember it, but I asked you at the CTTE if you guys are going to play "Kayleigh" in Orlando because I thought it was the only song my friend, who was coming with me to the show, knew, and you said "probably". ...And you did! I just wanted to say: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! To my surprise, my friend really loved the whole show and, of course, she was very exited when she heard "Kayleigh"! What an incredible show! Just wow! You had this magical connection with the fans during the show. It was even better than the CTTE shows (I saw both ... even though, I admit I had to sneak in to the second one! LOL). Steve H: You joked before singing "Garden Party" in Orlando that the OLD times were more "ambitious" (is that the word you used?) ... Of course, we know it was a joke because, in my opinion, there hasn't been a more ambitious album than FEAR ever!!! (Before I used to think it was Brave ... and later Marbles ... etc. etc.) No, I definitely don't miss Fish anymore ... because the "new" Marillion is even better! I will see you in Montreal next year! (though a U.S. Marillion weekend would be way better!) 😉 By the way, Steve, the venue I was talking about is Baker Hall at Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA and it can hold over 1,000 people. I think it'd be a perfect location for a Marillion weekend since it's not far from New York and there is a big prog rock community in the Philadelphia area as well. But if you'd need a bigger venue, maybe the Patriots Theater at the Trenton War Memorial in Trenton, NJ would be a better choice since it has a capacity of 1,850 seats. Well, if you need anything, I'll be more than happy to help! I still can't believe I was able to talk to you guys in person! Even after two weeks, I'm still in shock. Sometimes I felt like a paparazzi taking so many pictures of you! 😂 I apologize for giving you no privacy. Shame on me! LOL

Thanks for posting, I get a real kick out of these candid shots!

I'm still amazed after my first ever live concert in Atlanta. Big fan here!! Cannot wait for Montreal ❤️

Thank you for making another magical moment.

Looking forward to tomorrow night - it'll be worth the drive!

Fantastic show In Atlanta! Please come back soon

WOW.....a pic of Ian!!! Great job Andy!!! Like your first group shot, too.

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February 19th, 10:01 pm


#marillion #ustour2018 #tonight ... See moreSee less

#marillion #ustour2018 #tonight


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Dallas ? Today?

Enjoy! Saw them last Thursday in Buffalo. What a treat.

I suddenly have the wish to see you again... Any chances to come to beautiful mexican caribbean - Cancún (or going back to Orlando?)

Saw the last two shows. Tonight is my last one of the tour and I’m bringing the wife for her first Marillion show! Back to Portland tomorrow. Thanks for more amazing memories and emotional catharsis!!!

Johan Flatseth - Let’s go!

This theater is practically in my backyard. Fantastic show. It was surreal!

Great job last night guys! You owned the house and you know we would've stayed all night. Here's hoping you come back soon!

We'll be there! Please play Kayleigh for our daughter, Kayleigh 😊

From CTTE to st Charles. I’ll be there.

Looking forward to tonight, first time seeing Marillion live. Been a fan since Brave.

Great show guys. 3 decades I've been listening and first time I had a chance to see you live. It was incredible.

What a fantastic show tonight. Been a fan since 84 but this was the first time I have seen them live.

Grand Rapids last night...you’re in for quite an experience.

a great night in St. Charles! thanks Lucy Jordache Marillion for getting them there!

Great show, thanks for playing Kayleigh.

Ahora pido en español por favor vengan a Argentina!!!!

Few tickets left...???

Awesome show!

Will be on our way shortly 👍

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February 18th, 6:32 pm


#marillion #grandrapids #marillionbeer #thankyou ... See moreSee less

#marillion #grandrapids #marillionbeer #thankyou


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I've been a fan for decades, but this was my first show. You all are true professionals and masters of your craft. I am in awe! Top level production!

Awesome show tonight guys! First time seeing you live and what a joy. Great musicianship all around. Fan for life.

Unbelievable show last night in Grand Rapids awesome set!

I know there are always setlist complaints. For me, Fantastic Place, Afraid of Sunlight and Great Escape in the same show is as good as it gets. Everything else is still great but gravy. Lucky you Grand Rapids

Yes, it was better gig than “The Orbit Room”. I was there too! Amazing that Steve H. remembers! He actually climbed on top of the speakers back then! Great as always- thanks!

It was a great concert last night !! You all play amazingly.

GR knows their beer!

Thank you for a a wonderful show. You sing to my soul.

Excited to see this band for the 4th time. This time I'll bring a daughter! Tempus Fugit!

Midi triggers pre-installed?

Tap handle or mash paddle? Lol

We're on our way!

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February 18th, 9:29 am


#marillion #bandandcrew #ustour2018 ... See moreSee less

#marillion #bandandcrew #ustour2018


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Please come to Australia, we need a dose of Marillion here :-)

Welcome to Chicago. See you on Monday.

Captain Ian at the helm 🎼

We really enjoyed the show in Buffalo on Thursday night. Can't wait for the next time you come our way!

That's the way to say...We all to getter..

This looks like a School Dinner Table🤣🤣🤣

See you in Brighton! Got last ticket - restricted view but that don’t affect my ears!

Thank you all for all you do to make these dream nights come true for us fans! Be safe and huge hugs. I wish I could make it this go around. 😘

love how Mr President is at the head of the table...

Was unable to do the cruise or hit Atlanta hoping you will be back soon. Huntsville, Alabama

What an amazing collective! Thanks for being here in the US.

Guys id like to make you aware that ive purchased the F.E.A.R cd twice in Australia and both copies were faulty... the cd jumps around the 3min mark of the second song. I believe it must be something wrong with the pressing or the manufacturing process in Australia. It sux...can't even find it on other stores. Anyway...come to Australia so i can hear those songs live.

Great show in Royal Oak friday night... was so awesome to see you all live again!!!!!!!

Three more days til the Granada in Dallas!!! Maybe we can all sing “I was born with a heart of Midlothian!”

Can't wait for the show tonight in Grand Rapids, super excited!

el presidente on head of the table.. 😎

Roll on York 😁

Thank you all for coming to the US, it made my year

I have tickets for St Charles and can’t go. So bummed.

Board meeting?

so we hope you all decide to visit israel this summer..

Anyone who wants more coffee say aye!

Can't wait to see you at Bristol. Xxxx

Is it a glass of milk, Ian?!

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February 17th, 9:34 pm


#marillion #dayoff #I’m having trouble remembering the launch codes #ustour2018 ... See moreSee less

#marillion #dayoff #I’m having trouble remembering the launch codes #ustour2018


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I understand President Trump had a bowling score computer installed in the Oval Office for just this purpose!

You are just in Orlando. If it weren't for your tight schedule you could've bolted over to the space center and gotten them from Elon's team.

Mark has looked the same since about 1994. Has he discovered the Fountain Of Youth?

Bowling score device. I'm sure a little hack and a midi and you'd probably get a crude Fairlight out if that for a few drops of liquid metal.

When Apple and Moog collaborated, it was a confusing time for many.


Mark in the final phase of his plan to take over the music channels and broadcasting the amazing sound of Marillion whilst eradicating the Simon Cowells of the world

Is Mark thinking like Bruce 'Air raid siren' Dickinson. What does this button do?

Nicholas Matthew Mills, you shaved your head for charity or are you moonlighting on keyboards for the legendary Marillion ?

I thought Mark was good with keys...?

Great Show last night in Royal Oak! Thanks it was everything I expected it should be. Great Sound, tight band, and awesome music. Brilliant, truly Brilliant.

You were great last night in Royal Oak (or Pontiac or Detroit). Lol

I’d rather Mr Kelly with his finger on the button than Trump!

As all of us in Grand Rapids try to figure out if it's a bowling alley here in town.. lol

Just revived fear. It’s magnificent thank you so much. I missed your concerts but a good album and a beer can do magic. I play so it’s like so good to play along with this. Omg thank you All for not giving up. It’s a craft it’s a calling it’s in our blood. God bless music.

dude, that's why you keep a keyboard tech with you. delegate and go get another beer...(oh, sorry, did that bring bad too many bad memories of Durham?). :)

You didn’t miss any launch codes at the concerts! Great shows on cruise ship, Plaza Live in Orlando and at the Carolina Theater just 15 mins from our home!

This may one of the greatest pictures ever of one of my most influential musicians.

All of the bowling balls must be H's heart, seeing as how they roll back from the end of the lanes

You have exactly 80 days and 100 nights to figure it out ;)

Rather you than some of the people who might happen on remembering. :-D

Being a lifelong bowler and a long time Marillion fan, this shot makes me happy. Have a great day Mark.

Looks like you're trying to get an Fm7 out of that.. Old habits..

Those people behind you have know idea...


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February 16th, 6:05 pm


Buy or sell tickets via: The Marillion Ticket Repository

Marillion - Live in Birmingham - SOLD OUTApril 14, 2018, 7:00pmSymphony Hall BirminghamBuy or sell tickets via: www.facebook.com/groups/412145219130079/
... See moreSee less

Marillion - Live in Birmingham - SOLD OUT


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Great to see the group being officially promoted. Best group ever, have bought, sold and given tickets away on it ❤️

Montpellier? When you want....

Banda de minha juventude!

I'm going!😊

Will be my first time seeing them live , I'm so excited, I haven't actually heard much of their music but don't want to "swat up" before the concert as I think it will be good to hear what will be old familiar songs to the die hard fans but will be new to me :)

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