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June 5th, 11:57 am





Amazon UK

It is also available on all streaming and digital download sites worldwide.
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Amazon UK

It is also available on all streaming and digital download sites worldwide.


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Que triste historia😥 Que lindo Hogarth😍


Are the proceeds going to Harry’s family ?

On Apple Music or iTunes must search for J4H.

Having difficulty with Amazon, is there another address?

1600 girls raped by Pakis but no charity single for them I guess.

Embarrassed as a citizen of The United States of America over this tragedy.

Thank you so much for supporting this 💚

PRESS RELEASE J4H – Requiem For A Soldier – Single release June 5th 2020 With lockdowns starting to be lifted around the world, many families can’t wait to be reunited with their loved ones. For one family in particular this will never happen. Harry Dunn’s life was cut short tragically on 27 August 2019. Aged 19 years old, doing what he loved best, out riding his motorbike, he was struck and killed by a car being driven by Anne Sacoolas from the US who was driving on the wrong side of the road near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire. She fled the country claiming diplomatic immunity, in an attempt to evade prosecution. The British authorities are demanding her return and have sought her extradition. A worldwide alert has been sent out to police forces to locate, arrest and return her to the UK. She is now officially a fugitive on the run. As Harry lay dying in hospital his mum, Charlotte, promised him that she would campaign for justice. She, along with the family, continue in this struggle. It has neither been easy or straightforward. Two of Harry’s brothers, Ciaran and Michael, have stepped up to record a beautiful song in Harry’s memory, a tribute to their brother, to help raise money for a new foundation in Harry’s name. No family should ever go through what they have been through and monies raised through the song will enable them to help others who may find themselves in this awful situation, bereaved, with right on their side, but without the financial means to fight for justice. Steve Hogarth who is the lead singer of Marillion, (and godfather to the children of the Dunn Family Spokesman, Radd Seiger) offered the band’s studio to the brothers to record the song, shortly before lockdown in the UK began, and also plays piano on the track. The song has been produced by Michael Hunter and will be available from June 5th in worldwide digital download and streaming stores.

Great support 👍

All streaming sites except Qobuz🤨

9 o m

Bianca Van der Spoel


We see the truth behind the politics of all of this BLM agenda, sadly the music industry has been pushing the dem politic agenda - defund police, How can rioters continue to loot when the police are there to stop them, amazingly they intend to protest til November holding cities in hostage under overrun protests this stradegy is just keep shops shut down, no truckers deliver to shops, they will do whatever they can to keep cities locked down til they can put Bidens VP in the white house so they can rule and take back control of the fed - that is because they really dont care or think all lives matter - we dont think politics should be in charge of the music industry

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June 3rd, 10:57 am


Posting again in case you missed it - happy Wednesday everyone.29th May 2020 - A Lockdown Audience With Marillion

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well.

Things are easing up a little here in the UK (as long as we are all good and responsible boys and girls) and the sun has been shining which always makes things better.

We have been able to spend some time making a little bit of noise at the Racket Club with Mike Hunter coordinating control room exclusion zones.

It has been great to spend time in each other's company again, and good to have a sense of purpose after a few weeks feeling adrift.

But we are effectively still locked down and looking after our health, even if the sanity is still a little questionable.

So for band meetings our cat-herding manager Lucy is calling us regularly on Zoom and she thought it would be fun to let you see part of the virtual get together we had on Tuesday.

We’ll spare you the boring bits and skip straight to the light-hearted part when Lucy asked us a series of questions on your behalf.

Think of it as a Marillion Weekend 'Audience with Marillion' without the audience.

And with none of us in the same room.

And no bar.

You get the idea.

We’re putting this exclusive 26 minute clip onto The Space, our official Video On Demand channel, as we’d love for you all to have a chance to look around the growing collection of concert film, documentary and other content that’s available there to buy, rent or enjoy as part of a great value subscription.

It will be free to view for the next seven days and will then be archived on the channel for our growing band of supporters forever!

You won’t need to sign up to watch this content whilst it’s available to view for free, but if you do decide to subscribe then you will enjoy a free 7 day trial period and we will thank you from the bottom of our locked-down hearts for supporting this exciting project.

So, if you want to hear a little bit about how the new album is progressing and, amongst other revelations, discover which band member each of the others would prefer to be quarantined with, then go here - bit.ly/marillionlockdownzoom

And next Friday we’ll be releasing some more fun for all The Space subscribers as a massive thank you for your support.

Watch this (err…) SPACE and our other social media channels…

Stay safe inmates,

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
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Posting again in case you missed it - happy Wednesday everyone.


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Thanks for this! 💗 Marillion

Recently istening to This Strange Engine and Afraid of Sunlight. Just Brilliant!!!

Ciao un bacio vi amo

We loved this! one of the many fantastic things that Lucy and Marillion have done for us fans during lockdown ! Thank you so much💗

I watched the whole thing with a big smile on my face. Very good questions! Very entertaining. 😂🤣

Thanks for doing this, it was a bright spot in what's been a pretty crap year.

Very entertaining 💞💞

The cold custard bit was hilarious 😁😁

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June 2nd, 3:51 pm


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"Or you could love..." "Only love will turn you arond.." Just a reminder.

I beginning to suspect some people got into this band purely for the album artwork rather than the message the songs contain.

I know a lot of people are saying "All lives matter" and they may be saying it with the best of intentions, but they're missing the point. The best analogy I've heard regarding this is, imagine your house is on fire and the fire brigade start spraying water on all the other houses in your neighbourhood. All those houses matter to someone, but the only one on fire at the moment is yours and that's the one that needs the immediate attention. Once the fire is out at your house, then all houses can matter equally

You only have to read H's lyrics to know where he stands on matters of compassion, I am glad Marillion are showing solidarity.

I remain amazed that a band so committed, from the start, to justice and giving voice to the voiceless has attracted so many people who seem to have missed all of their messages.

All Lives Matter! You’re removed!

Some of the replies here really show me that some people can clearly listen to a band for years and somehow miss the point of most of what they write about. If you've read any substantial amount of Marillion lyrics, this really can't be a surprising position to take.

Can't believe people are angry at Marillion expressing their political views when all they've done in their music is express their political views.

Thank you, Marillion. America is hurting and I'm embarrassed. We've never seemed so weak, so vulnerable as we do right now.

I love this and am happy to see Marillion being the stand up people they have always been. But please edit this to remove the hashtag black lives matter so anyone who is using that hashtag to convey information to those who need it aren't blocked by walls of black pictures in solidarity. I understand your reasons, and I applaud it, but please don't be an accidental hindrance.

Unbelievable responses from some strangely ignorant people who appear to have never ever really listened to Marillion’s lyrics since their first ever album right up to their most recent album. Staggering. Well done Marillion

Before you say "all lives matter" walk a mile in black person's shoes. Imagine what it is to be afraid just because of the colour of your skin. I don't know what it's like, but I can empathise with them. I can understand the anger. Of course everyone matters, but it's not everyone that suffers from racial profiling, from discrimination or the multitude of ways that those with power selectively apply the rules. See the people, feel the hurt!

I’m a longtime Marillion fan and have seen them more than any other group live, and on more continents. This gives me one more reason to be very proud to be a Marillion fan. Thank you Marillion for standing on the right side of history being made.

Almost EVERY artist that has posted this has been trolled by exactly the same arguments and comments. It's as if an entire organised group has been trying to find these to spread their vitriol and create division and hatred by diverting the discussion away from its intent. Please let's not give them the platform and respond to their bigotry, please ignore them.

Anybody who thinks Marillion haven’t always been a political band should listen to Forgotten Sons. This reminds me of all the fuss from a few American fans when Gaza was released.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but if the band’s opinion somehow offends you then I really have a hard time understanding why you are even in this group or consider yourself a fan in the first place.

If this group is divided now than it always was, into those wo understand their message from the very beginning to today and those who never did and don't. This division is not made by marillion but made by the ignorants. And by the way, there is no justification of violence in Marillion's posting at all.

Jesus, even an 80s prog band which has nothing to do with politics is virtue signalling.

As a result of Steve R's recent post I checked out some of the comments posted here. I'm not surprised or unduly concerned...I have been painfully aware of the existence of morons for 57 years....the numerous Marillion family members I have met over the years are thankfully not the humans I am worried about.

The last album basically made me give up buying albums from the band.

I’m part of many music groups and I have to say this is only one where there have been any negative comments about #blackouttuesday posts from a band 😔

I didn't see this thread yesterday as I was not on FB. Thank you Marillion. X X X X X To all those who do not see or understand what is going on in the USA - I understand, it took me years to really see how ingrained and brutal racism is there. It's not the UK. It's not France. No mother should worry every time her son leaves the house just because of the colour of his skin. No unarmed man should be killed just because the cops stereotype him. Black lives matter and the point of BLM is a black or hispanic or person of any other ancestry's life matters just as much as yours. #oryoucouldlove.

Oh noooooo not marillion....this is getting out of control

Yes, All Live matter, but at the moment it is not your average White person, who is getting their necks knelt on. Well done Marillion.

If you’re too thick to understand BLM let me help you. Just put a “too” at the end. Oh and go f yourself.

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