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March 20th, 3:09 pm


To celebrate the imminent release of All One Tonight - Live At The Royal Albert Hall, we are delighted to share one of the highlights.

The Space opened our second set and features the string quartet In Praise Of Folly along with Sam Morris on french horn and Emma Halnan on flute.

The Space - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm_TcAAySbc

The pre-order is still available from Racket Records.

2 CD - www.marillion.com/shop/albums/allonetonightcd.htm
2 DVD - www.marillion.com/shop/dvd/allonetonightdvd.htm
2 DISC BLU-RAY - www.marillion.com/shop/dvd/allonetonightblu.htm
COLLECTOR'S EDITION - www.marillion.com/shop/dvd/allonetonightspecial.htm

Please note that we have also changed the release date to April 6th owing to the overwhelming demand and the additional manufacturing required.


‘Won’t be long!

Thank you again to all who made this such a legendary gig.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steveyoutube.com
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So now I'm in tears in the office, confirming to my colleagues (yet again) that I'm absolutely mad... What a performance!

The part where h sings 'Everybody in the whole of the world ...' gave me goosebumps. Wow. Can't wait to see the rest of it. Hope you guys are immensely proud x

That gives me chills. Always been one of my favourites, and H smashed it. Very happy to see that one live, and will be annoying my neighbours with it repeatedly when the blu ray arrives.

Any chance of "Afraid of Sunlight" getting a preview? Loved the hint we got in the behind the scenes clip.

Who wrote the arrangements for the strings/horn/flute?

Goosebumps and tears here, this is so f**king great !

I am sitting on the balcony of my holiday hotel at 20 degrees while hearing it loud. And I can tell you guys I have goosebumps all over my body. It was so amazing at the RAH and it is wonderful to see and hear it again thinking of this very special night. I love this song so much. It is one of my favorites and seeing it there was absolutely gorgeous!😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

OMG!! And people wonder why we are such fans? Really?!

Marillion, after watching this clip I realise that I'm addicted to your music. The thrills and the highs... Thank you for sharing just a bit of your magic - it will keep me going until I can mainline on you when my Bluray supply arrives.

Well given that I got teary just reading this, I can only imagine how much of a mess I'll be once I actually watch it...

h fu*king owns that performance. moved to tears. an amazing night. thank you Marillion...

You can see/hear why h was worried about what he might have done to his voice during this performance (and was worried about the rest of the gig) because he really does put his all into it

Now THAT was the way to absolutely nail the start of the second half of an already perfect set. Thing is, it only got even better after that!!! Bringing back joyous memomies of The Royal Albert...and building up even more excitement for The Colston, Bristol next month.

Thank you for sharing this early.My husband is treating me to the special edition.Wish we had a time machine to go back to that memorable night.

This is magnificent, no words to express it... I was in tears in Zenith from the first notes, and now again crying in front of the screen, the capture is beyond perfection. Well done to all involved <3

that was outstanding.....and they somehow make it all seem so effortless (which of course it isn`t)

This really was one of the many highlights of the evening!!!! 💙

Agnès Rabanel dommage que ce soit pas White Paper, mais bientôt j'aurais le BlueRay en on pourra le regarder et se rappeller ce merveilleux weekend

A special day that I will never forget...just wonderful, and this start to set 2 was just icing on the many tiered cake

This is magnificent. My son is fairly new to Marillion and I took him to this concert. It was his favourite part of the evening, and he will love this. Even my 5 year old granddaughter loves this song, so you have made 3 generations very happy this evening. Thank you. :)

Tear inducing performance, one of my top 3 Marillion tracks stunningly showcased, can’t wait for the deluxe edition to land ❤️❤️

Wow - just wow! Goosebumps all over - cannot wait for this to land on my mat! Anything or anyone else is just going to have to whistle that day!

Just watched that, sang along right up to the end, then I started crying. Love you guys so fucking much! <3 Wish I had been there.

Absolutely great and wonderful!

Outstanding! At this point I’d totally lost it and was crying ! Goosebumps, every emotion running through me, smiling or trying to (!!), can’t wait to relive it over and over again!!🤩

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March 15th, 11:33 am


Message from Mark Kelly:

Spotify announced today the launch of a new tool called Line-In that will allow its community members to offer input about the music data it has on file, like genre, mood, explicitness and more. If you are a Spotify user would you please help us reach a wider audience by giving our albums and tracks some labels that you think apply to our music. We would rather you as a fan of our music do this than leave it to chance which could result in some inappropriate labels such and “Scottish Heavy Metal” and “EDM”

The tool is currently only available to desktop users, and is accessible by clicking on the three dots next to Artist, Album or Song, then choosing “Suggest an Edit.”
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Don't use Spotify or anything like it I just buy a CD and play it.

Marillion are not easy to categorise. To me they span lots of genres. I’ll stick to vinyl and let the younger fans figure this out 🙂

If pink floyd and big country had a baby

The power of metadata... I touch on this in some of my lectures in my analytics class.

“Suggest an Edit” sounds about right as a genre.

EDM? Edinburgh Death Metal?

Usually when I use the ”artist radio” feature on Spotify I can find other artists I like. Tried that with Marillion and it suggested mostly 80's style prog, which is a shame. No offense to those artists or those who like them. They're like Talk Talk meets Radiohead meets Coldplay meets Pink Floyd, if that’s a category.

Listening to CAS on Spotify Web Player at the moment but can't find the "suggest an edit" option. Any ideas? Ta.

Techdeath Djent it is then.

Songs about Death and Water it is then!!!

"Marillion music" is a genre of its own, isn't it?

You arent EDM by any stretch. The Fish years are classic Babylonian Honey-Funk, while the Hogarth Era veers quite close to Neo-Mayan Fusion. Shame how people have gotten that wrong all this time... rock journalists just don't get it

Heart-shattering liquid prog, I believe

For the first four albums, Marillion were one of the best Scottish Heavy Metal bands going around.

Are we the ones to curate music these days? The best in all of us will use the right ways to convey the appreciation of music, as I'm pretty darned sure Marillion will want to put out doom sludge prog someday... :-D

But Marillion are my favourite Scottish heavy metal band 😂

I categorise them as rock. Nice and simple and covers everything they do.

What do you mean Marillion aren't EDM?

The reason i like the music is of me. Now, to help you to make more money, well ... too much.. did you guys made the pact?

Mark, what do you propose as labels? Since I can no longer put you in the prog bin, neither rock, neither ....... How am I suppose to label you ? ahahaha

many of you may already know this, but just in case, this feature works on the desktop app version and not the desktop browser-based version.

Elaborating on Mark’s message, it seems this can only be done via the downloaded Spotify desktop application and not via the Spotify player used in a web browser.

Would be happy to do so, but listen to Spotify on my tablet.

One of Spotify's suggested tags was "epic." I approved that one. :D

Is there a category called MBM or Most Brilliant Music

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March 13th, 3:48 pm


Marillion Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Behind The Scenes.
Pre-order now at www.marillion.com/shop
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Marillion Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Behind The Scenes.


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Deserve more acclaim than they get such a talented group of guys that make such beautiful music that captivates the soul.


I love them in any representation they have and still do make gorgeous music. One of the most underrated bands on the planet.

Once again... wow! Just can't wait to enjoy and dream with that stunning version of Afraid of Sunlight in the teaser! (among many) Thanks for your art!

Te viste Mick Stead? 😍

Debbie Pugh Morat Mary Hite Maenle Petek Hanna Brian Russ

Filipe Inoc

Look for some truth these days and it's nowhere to be found. Then one day I came upon this weird band from England. I can't wait for the dvd and am very sorry that I missed this last tour. See them live is all I can say.

"The Space" was something special that night.

I love this band to bits. Amazing music year after year. Other bands I like have lost their magic with the passage of time but Marillion keep on coming up with music that shakes the core of my soul. And seeing them live in the open air Roman theatre in Verona was such a special night: a dream come true. Thanks, guys!

It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I ordered the special edition today and am also really looking to watching it at the cinema in Leeds on the 26th....😊

Dear Arne Haakon, Thank you for your order at Racket Records :-)

Grateful you came to 🇺🇸 having so many fans around the 🌎

Did not know they were still around. You used to love the band with posters on every wall! X

Was so great to finally see them in Dallas last month, now can’t wait to see this!

This was such an amazing night, with such amazing people..... and the best band in the world!! I can't wait....when's April???

Just pre ordered the Blu Ray... is it April yet? lol

I've got something in my eye again ... simply unforgettable!

So looking forward to re-living this, hope you'll play there again one day! 💖💖💖💖💖

Já comprei ontem o Bluray Estou ansioso depois do concerto que vi em Paris...

It was the most amazing evening ! Can't wait to re-live it with the dvd. 😎

Ordered yesterday, can‘t wait sooo long

Podrían tocar en el Municipal de Santiago un segundo concierto cuando vengan. Será más caro pero valdrá la pena. Saludos desde Chile

Best wishes from GREECE ! We LOVE you !

Can't wait to buy it...

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March 13th, 3:36 pm


#marillion #royalalberthall #ordernow www.marillion.com/shop ... See moreSee less

#marillion #royalalberthall #ordernow  www.marillion.com/shop


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...it's good, but there's no songs from the first four Marillion albums......... I will buy it later...

I preordered it yesterday... 😁😁👍👍

Where is the vinyl ???

I cannot have a cd shipped to the U.S.?


Is the "Special Edition" only available on racket records ?

Ordered mine, was great to be there on the night 👍

Just ordered the dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ordered the Blu Ray 10 minutes ago 😀

Preordered my Bluray :)

Já esta feita a compra ontem ❤️

Doooonnneee !!!!

I did my order already 😉😍

Blue Ray ordered ! 😉😊

BluRay ordered. Thanks!

Mira esto Daniel Mastronardi


Nicolas Shitah

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March 12th, 12:18 pm


In October last year, 5000 of you descended, from all over the world, upon the
iconic Royal Albert Hall in London to watch Marillion play there for the first
time ever.

And what a night it was..

This extraordinary event was captured on “film” (HD video really) and now,
after months of work, we are ready to unveil it to the rest of the world.

It is available to pre-order now on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and "Special Edition". This
will be released on April 6th.

2 CD - www.marillion.com/shop/albums/allonetonightcd.htm
2 DVD - www.marillion.com/shop/dvd/allonetonightdvd.htm
2 DISC BLU-RAY - www.marillion.com/shop/dvd/allonetonightblu.htm
COLLECTOR'S EDITION - www.marillion.com/shop/dvd/allonetonightspecial.htm

On March 26th, Everyman Cinemas will be screening “All One Tonight” in
selected cinemas in the UK and there are some limited tickets left for this.


We have also been told that our worldwide fan-clubs have plans for
screening-events, so please contact your local fan club for details
(excluding UK).

We believe that this gig is up there with our best. It was a night most precious
in our memories and our vision and sound team have brilliantly captured the
vibration (which was pretty stellar on the night).

We hope you enjoy reliving this already-legendary concert.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
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Marillion - One Tonight - Live at The Royal Albert Hall


Comment on Facebook

As some of you are aware, we made a mistake on the postage costs for the Royal Albert Hall Special Edition which resulted in very high postage charges. This has now been resolved and the postage prices quoted are correct. Those of you who have already ordered, please bear with us and you will be issued a refund for the difference in price. It's going to take us quite a few days so please be patient. No need to email us as it is all in hand. Many apologies - it's just 'one of those days'. The Racket Records Team.

How can i order it from Argentina? Is only possible buying in the web shop?

Cool to see marillion accompanied by strings! I saw Rush's "Clockwork Angels" tour with a strimg ensemble. It was increbible! I'm sure this will be just as spectacular!

Lucy Jordache Marillion will there by any signed special editions? Not that I want to give the guys writing cramp..

Wow bilion times (!) Thanks so much for your art! Thanks so much!

Ordered. Don't you just hate the "I'm not a robot" thing 😡

Done. Bluray version!

Ordered!!! Now looking forward to seeing the postman soon :)

Ordered the deluxe edition as I'm in Aus and wasn't able to go. Can't wait for this. Any idea on dates?

Truly magical night fantastic music in a great setting a DVD every Marillion fan should have. So glad I got to go to this concert

Yeah!!! Just ordered..!! I was priviled to be there in own person up at the rafters. Excited how it was looked from up close.. :)

You guys really deserved this !

Allez on va recracher au bassinet !!!! Mais quand on aime... Et puis ça rappelera des souvenirs Herve Lamia. Quelques jours plus tôt au zénith on y était nous !!

Quick question Lucy, is the 40 page, 12" x 12" hardback "art book" the show's program condensed into book form? I ordered the program and I've yet to view it, as I am waiting for the live show to go along with it. Thanks for your time.

Can I use Racket Credits towards this? There is no option to when I have added it to my basket.

I’ll order as soon as i get home!!!!

Lucy all formats will be released April 2nd 2018 ???

Will this and the Brave box set be available to buy on the tour. decided to go to Belfast fae Aberdeen?

Goosebumps just by watching the trailer...

I think I'm going to have to treat myself!!!

In for one Special Edition

Shame there's no CD/DVD set.

My version of choice ordered! 👍

Amazing magical night 😍

🌞👍Gotta have IT👍🌞

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