“Escaped to the car, Drove to a bar somewhere, The beautiful game, Such a thin line between love and hate...”Somewhere Else
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September 24th, 2:25 pm


Win a signed poster from our recent Japan Tour. Simply 'like' this post and add a comment below. A winner will be picked at random on Friday. Good luck. ... See moreSee less

Win a signed poster from our recent Japan Tour.  Simply like this post and add a comment below.  A winner will be picked at random on Friday.  Good luck.


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I think this is great! But hands down the guy who should get it is the one who travelled to Japan from Australia for the gig! That shows real dedication :-)

I don’t want the poster for myself. I’m content with the unsigned version that Mike and I borrowed from a record store in Osaka. It should totally go to one of the fans whose first ever Marillion show was Osaka (or Kawasaki). We were a small but mighty crowd in Osaka.

Just watching All One Tonight Dvd for the third time today... wonderful... just so wonderful. I'm 60 and music shouldn't make me feel so emotional like this. Thanks Marillion. X

Nice pic guys, will have to travel one day to see you guys, been following you guys since 1982, at least an album a week, must have for my ears. Keep going, never quit, and don’t go falling from the moon. Cheers from outback Australia, you guys rock

Congratulations for this great Tour. It is a difficult place to play and a long journey to make. A great effort for any artist, but a great opportunity and an unforgettable experience. Not everyone can Rock in Japan. Marillion rules!!

I only started listening to Marillion this year and it's been life changing. I hope I get to see you one day. Love the poster ❤

I never win anything. Fantastic band what else can I say. Saw them last year in St.Charles IL. It was a unbelievable show.

The show in Kawasaki was my first Marillion experience. My guitarist and I were greatly inspired by your show. Hopefully you’ll come back to Japan soon because there are more songs I want to listen live!

If I'm going to keep littering all of my walls with concert posters, I might as well include the five best faces in rock. :D

I would like to win that póster because marillion is my band nomber one in the world and I the best fan Congratulations Thanks marillion for all experiencia all the se years.

The Japanese name for Japan is “Nihon” or “Nippon” which means “sun origin”. Japan belongs to the continent of Asia. Japan is an island nation surrounded by the Sea of Japan to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Japan is made up of 6,852 islands. The highest point in Japan in Mount Fuji, which stands at 3,776m (12,388ft). As of July 2012, there are over 127 million people living in Japan (127,368,088), which is the tenth largest population in the world. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and also the largest city. Other major cities include Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. Japanese is the official language of Japan. Japan sits along the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, so has many volcanoes and experiences many earthquakes. In 2011, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit Japan and created a tsunami which resulted in much devastation. Almost three quarters of Japan's land is either forest or mountains and is difficult to be made into farms, industrial or residential areas. Human life in Japan dates back thousands of years. Ancient warriors of Japan were known as Samurai. They were very skilled fighters and swordsmen. Their main weapon was the Katana, a sharp sword with a slight curve to it. Due to gases produced by power plants, Japan sometimes suffers from acid rain. Japan is an industrialized nation, producing some of the most technologically advanced motor vehicles, electronics, and machine tools. Japan is a world leader in robotics. Japanese engineers are known for producing a range of human-like robots such as ASIMO. Some of the most well-known companies in the world are Japanese such as Toyota, Honda, Sony, Nintendo, Canon, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Sharp. Japanese cuisine has become popular around the world. Some well-known dishes are sushi, sashimi and tempura. Japan is home to many different forms of martial arts - Karate, Judo, Sumo, Ninjutsu, Kendo, Jujutsu, and Aikido to name a few. Sumo is recognized as the national sport of Japan, although the most popular spectator sport is baseball. Japan hosted the 1964 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo and will again in 2020. They also hosted the 1972 and 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo and Nagano, respectively. I thank you...🇯🇵

Awesome! Would love to win this. I remember the first time that I heard music by Marillion back in 1988, and I've been a fan ever since. The first time that I seen Marillion play was at a small venue called the Zodiac Club in Allentown, Pa. back in 1991 and 1992.

Great poster. I would hang it in my office. Loved the USA tour in 2016. Converted me from a casual fan to a big fan. Great setlist. Helps that FEAR is my favorite Marillion album since Marbles of course.

Although I’m a newer fan of yours, your music resonates with me greatly. From Script to F.E.A.R., I can always find a song that manages to convey just how I’m feeling at that moment. Thanks for 35 years of great music, and here’s to many more!

I lived in Japan for 10 years, still travel there every winter. I moved there a few months after the 'tour' of '95, moved back well before these recent junkets. Sad me! It will line up one day.....

Started following the band in 1982. Always remember listening to the sound check in the auditorium in the Edinburgh Playhouse on the Script Tour. The opening to script by Mark Kelly put the hair up on the back of my neck. Love the band.

I come from Salisbury ( novichok central) Tokyo blade were our biggest band, that’s a real Japanese connection, fans of eighties hair metal check em out

Would give it to a charity we follow called reverse rett. They are having a auction in London next month. It would be going to a good cause 👍

Years ago I thought it was all over when Fish 🐠 stopped singing. How wrong I was what a cracking lead singer you turned out to be! 😘

It would be amazing to win :). Would be nice in general to have posters / photos of the band for sale on the website. An Albert Hall one in particular would be ideal!

Marillion is an amazing band ... the first time I saw a live Marillion concert, it was in Caracas Venezuela and then I saw them at last year's concert in Italy- Rome

Woow, I have a perfect place on my "record wall" were i would hang it. But would be even better if you could pass Sweden and Gothenburg so i could see you again!

That is wonderful! And fwiw, I’d pay good money for a print of the band portrait where they are amongst the seats at RAH. Just sayin’

As much as I’d love it, I agree with Rita, try and find someone who made it a special trip for them. 😊

Was going to make a trip to Japan, but due to unforeseen events I had to cancel the trip. What I wouldn't do to get this poster.

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September 16th, 4:43 am


#marillion #markkelly #japan2018 #sillyboy ... See moreSee less

#marillion #markkelly #japan2018 #sillyboy


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First thing that came to my mind: Grendel.

He’s gone mad!

These are the subtle, early warning signs you get when someone's thinking about making a solo album called "Ben Hur; On Ice". Don't ignore these early signs. Intervene early.😉

Hello Mark ! Great musician, happy man thanks for your music

Thx for dreamy two nights! 15th gig, very very concentrated. 16th gig, so energetic. I wish all of your sooner coming back to Japan. Thx again & good night. Zzzz...

He ain’t called Mad Jack for nothing 🤘🤘

Seems like there would be a better way to do that.

did anyone see my last marble? 🤔

Love a man who can play piano!!!

Mark Wakeman ??? :)


Crazy genius! :D

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September 15th, 8:58 am


#marillion #showtime #clubcitta #japan2018 ... See moreSee less

#marillion #showtime #clubcitta #japan2018


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Fantastic gig. Great setlist......👍🏻

Can’t believe Pete is drinking that filth! JPG shirt H?

Greetings from the U.S. we all miss you guys, maybe you will visit us again, I talked to Steve Rothery, he is my guitar hero, love your music.

Bloody love you guys......go enjoy. Xxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for coming back to Japan. Tonight was so great and tomorrow will be too‼️👍

I saw all of you for the first time in 23 years, indeed. Tears run and run...this excitement is beyond description. Many thanks for coming to Japan! See you again tomorrow evening!!

Marillion got sprit our heart into aesthetical dimensions!

Thank you for the great show, the first sound made me just speechless...what an experience!

My band, Great Musicians

Nice picture, what a Great Band!

wewll at the moment i think to correct the design and then start up the project again ! v.... I.m glad you are interested also likly will open a studio in swansea .... if it's not coming together ...... i hope you got some ideas for suited plaices ! .... well the bill will be covered by ear music ! .... hope all well with you !

Great photo!

I spent a wonderful time with you tonight. Thank you for giving good memories.

Glad it was good and you weren’t disappointed

I am here!!

Were would I be without you dudes...let the journey continue!

Jeezo - it's like a throw back to the Hooks In You poster....lol

regardin ? ...please leafe my fb settings alone .... rest cool peace !

Come to Finland, please!!

Brilliant gig and top setlist.

Dig the shirt Steve.

Uno de los mejores grupos en activo..... Son dignisimos sucesores de lo mejor de los 70

I should have gone

Le meilleur groupe pour moi 😍😍😍

Nice morning dreamband!

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September 15th, 7:05 am


#marillion #soundcheck #kawasaki #clubcitta #ianmosley #zildjian ... See moreSee less

#marillion #soundcheck #kawasaki #clubcitta #ianmosley #zildjian


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Thanks for the great show in Osaka!! I'm so excited to go to today's show in Kawasaki. (...an hour and a half later...:) )

It's not a Kawasaki, it's a Yamaha... 🙃

Is Ian back playing Yamaha ?


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September 13th, 8:32 am


#Marillion #japan #tonight #osaka ... See moreSee less

#Marillion #japan #tonight #osaka


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Japan. So close to Australa! Still not happy you're avoiding us! :(

thanks for Great SHOW!!

from Madrid. good night

too funny! welcome to Osaka!:D

What a wonderful ticket 👍

Have a great show!

Ganbarou. 😉

In spirit with you 💖

Have fun!

México,México,México ??????

Daisy Chapman

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September 8th, 12:13 pm


#Marillion #travellinglife #stevehogarth #Japan2018 ... See moreSee less

#Marillion #travellinglife #stevehogarth #Japan2018


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Japan is ready to see the best singer of the world

It seems that Mr. H is a bit tired😉

Dear H : When are u coming to any place in South America now we are left with no weekend ?

Welcome!!! See you in Osaka! (and Kawasaki) :)

Mijn zoon reist maandag naar Japan . Wat zou het toch geweldig zijn !!.........🤩

Safe journey!

Saw Marillion at Birmingham Symphony Hall 2018 and they were brilliant. Got loads of rare stuff on my website Ahamed Rocks.co.uk

Steve H ...the best

He only gets more handsome with age!

Steve very disappointed your not coming down to New Zealand,maybe another time 😁

please make LIVE in japan CD!

What a smile, like a Santa Claus

see you in OSAKA! welcome!

No comments needed! You and the band are just something out of this world ❤️🎶. Bless you all. Keep save always. We love you ❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️

Big Thanks you 5, for your music, your lyrics,poems... great band ! Logh 51 years (fan since 1987)😀

Cool 😎... See you in November

All units attention, singer is on the field, I repeat singer is on the field!!!

Can’t wait till next Sunday will come! See you at Club Citta.

Safe journey and have a great time, Steve! :)

I would like to partecipate in a concert of songs from' 80 to today 😂😂😂

We love you! Here's to a wonderful tour!

Come on, rest of the band too!!!!

The Leavers strike again!

Have a great and safe trip

This plane is your life

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