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February 14th, 10:36 am


As it's Valentine's Day - we'd like to hear your Marillion related love stories? Did you meet the love of your life because of this band? Spread the love - share your story! ... See moreSee less


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I've literally never met anyone in real life who also knew Marillion. Maybe some day :P

On the Afraid of Sunlight tour I sent a postcard to the band at Wolverhampton Civic Hall to arrive on the day of the concert. I asked them to dedicate 'Beautiful' to my fiance Melanie. Beautiful came and went with no dedication. I assumed that the card hadn't reached the band, or they didn't feel it appropriate to dedicate songs. Anyhow the encore came and 'H' said something along the lines of 'we were asked to dedicate a song earlier we didn't so this is for Melanie, this is for you.... and played 'No One Can. Mel, realising what had happened started to cry, and continued to cry through the encore and all the way back home. She was doing a youth work placement at the time. The next time I picked her up from the youth centre, this burly bloke came running out to the car and told me to get out, I was a little perturbed - anyhow he proceeded to give me a massive embrace. Mel had told him what I'd done and he was so moved by it he wanted to give me a hug. When Mel and I got married I got a picture disc of 'No One Can' framed as a wedding gift! Fast foward - we have been married nearly 24 years and last November Mel and I, took our two teenage lads to see the band at The Sage in Gateshead!!!!

When my dear friend Susan and I reconnected after more than a decade apart, we would talk for hours long-distance catching up on our days, and before we knew it, we both realised we were falling in love. One night it was pouring outside and I asked her if I could play a song for her down the telephone line...that song was “Waiting To Happen”. At the end of the song, I heard what sounded like soft sobbing, and she said “that is so beautiful”...she came to live with me in January 1999, and we married in October 2002...and yes, that was our song where we first danced as man and wife. ❤️

I once tried to masturbate to Grendel, but couldn't make it to the end...🤪

My late wife Sally chose 'Lavender' as her entrance song to our wedding.

I wish! As a slightly "younger" Marillion fan, (born the week Misplaced Childhood was released), I've met very few people of a similar age who even knew Marillion. Slightly depressing how many girls in my age group are named Kayleigh and have no idea where the name comes from.

I met my husband because I'm a Marillion fan and he is the bass player of the chilean Marillion Tribute Band <3 "Neverland" was my entrance song to our wedding, "Fantastic Place" was our "waltz", and the lyrics 'the soul, the spark" are engraved in our rings.

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to all <3! In 1995 I went to a Marillion concert in London and as I was younger in that time,I've made it to the front row...-Hooray..Next to me was a lovely guy from Wales-Mark Llewellyn and I still remember his first words to me,like it was yesterday...He came to visit me two month later and gave me a selfmade scrapbook full of Marillion magazine pages and memories..I was overwhelmed and couldn't believe it,that he made this for me...After that time he flew over to see me then every two to three month.Three years later I moved from Germany to Wales and in September this year will be our 25th Anniversary since we first met and since our first kiss...<3

When I was in high school I met a creepy guy over the internet who took a gray hound from NY to mn to meet me. This was in 2002. We fell in love but he had to return home for a few months while I finished school. When he left he wrote me a note and left a CD in the player entitled "marillion sad songs". The CD consisted of maybe 4 songs, Kayleigh, beautiful, island, and after me. When I found that CD I was totally heartbroken but I promised myself I'd finish school and then we'd be together. Flash forward to 2010 and we finally met the band in Chicago when we won meet and greet tickets. Then a few years later we flew to Montreal for our first anniversary while I was 4 months pregnant for the marillion weekend. Kayleigh turns 4 on Tuesday :)

My girlfriend Ulrika gave me a weekend trip to Paris (we live in Sweden) to celebrate my 45th birthday. I got so happy and didn´t believe it was true. After the first chock she gave me an envelope. When I opened it there was two tickets to Marillion at Zénith that weekend. I just couldn´t believe my eyes! Paris and MARILLION! This was 2017 and it´s the best gift I ever had! She is the best! <3

In our live together we discovered Marillion. It' s absolutely "our " band and moments we share together. Really time for " us " ❤️. Very important

"Moon-washed college halls" -- I met my wife shortly after having just found Fugazi. We were at university in 1985 and eagerly awaited the new Marillion album "Misplaced Childhood. Despite not naming our first born "Kayleigh Lavender" (I lost that one), our daughter still asked us to play "Afraid of Sunlight" almost every night as her bedtime lullaby. We are such nerds--for an anniversary I bought the Mark Wilkerson print of Misplaced Childhood and had it framed for my wife -- it is proudly displayed in our den -- (next to a framed Brave print).

Fell in love with this amazing band because my husband insisted I go to the York concert in April 2018. Now we get to share everything Marillion, every day, together. I love you guys 💗💗💗

I proposed to my wife on Neverland. The lyrics 'the spark that drives me on' are engraved in her ring.

I was a boy scout, and Louise Aird was a girl guide. She noticed my MC t-shirt, and asked can I borrow some Marillion tapes. She never listened to them it was just an excuse. 33 years later, we're married and have 2 children, and she follows the band as much as I do. 😉

Not a love story.. but I find it uncanny in my dating history how those that have refused to listen or appreciate Marillion have ended up being complete and utter arseholes, and those that were decent, whether it worked out or not, loved the band, and still do, although not to the same degree as me of course. It's part of my toxic fuckwad screening process now 😂 Happy Valentines!

There was this bloke who always seemed to be queuing for as long as me (both front row addicts), turned out he lived pretty near me, twenty years later we're coming up to our 18th wedding anniversary (and we had a fantastic Marillion tribute band at our wedding, hi Rich Harding!)

One of our gigs together was Marillion at the night of the prog 2014 : our first son was already a fan... inside mummy's belly (next one was Peter Gabriel... good education starts early). "Faith" was also the song of our wedding, when it came to the rings : "what I have here in my heart/hands..." Yeah. Marillion holds a big place in our common story :)

Hi Marillion, I have been married to my beautiful wife Helen for 20 years - our first dance at our wedding was " No one can" by Marillion. We still play it every now and then. Caught you guys in concert in Reading and Hemel Hempstead a couple of times. Thank you for the good times that have been and are yet to come.

My now husband and I had our second date at the Bowery Ballroom for the Los Trios Marillion show and he made a grand gesture to get me a birthday shout out from the band (brilliant move). We found out years later from a friend it ended up on the recording we didn’t even know was happening. Thank you for not only a lifetime of magical music but a super awesome second date story. Big love to all. Xoxo

Oh definitely. Met my wife Grace Byers at the 2015 uk convention and over the years became friends. In 2017 I went to support her at swap the band where she sang hooks in you with h. We accidentally bumped in to each other at the Steven Wilson gig in Manchester in 2018 and something clicked that day. We decide to go on a proper date at the Marillion York gig in April 2018,which was best first date of our lives. We quickly fell in love and were married at the Uk convention in 2019 in front of 80 of our Marillion family . We had our stag & hen parties in Port Zelande, married at the uk con and honeymooned at the Portugal convention. So you could say Marillion had a slight part in our story lol we couldn’t be happier now and have you guys to thank for bringing us together and for all the amazing people we now call family in our lives ❤️❤️❤️

My late mum matched made me and Nige together in 1997 .. Nige is a big fan and I asked him to see Robbie Williams with me and as I made him sit through a whole concert he suggested I see marillion . My first gig was 2013 Wolves weekend and we have been travelling from our little island jersey since then .. it’s he best thing he has ever done making me see marillion x we both love the band ❤️

My first married dance to my ex was "Beautiful" we're not together anymore but he's still a great friend and we had 2 wonderful children so it's not that sad! Happy Valentines Day ❤️🌹 x

Yup. Story is way to long to go into detail. But met my wife on a organised bus trip going to see Queen supported by Marillion on the European tour 1986. It was Cologne 19th July 86. Love at first sight. Married in 88. Still together (no idea how she puts up with me). In our house Marillion have a LOT to answer for 😉😉

I've been a fan of the band since 1982, ever since I heard 3 Boats on the Friday Rock Show, and always dreamt of seeing them at the RAH. 2 amazing people bought us tickets for 2017 but our miracle daughter was born in the September, by emergency C Section, and it was too soon for us to leave her with grandparents. My wife said I could go without her, but my place was with her at that time, and anyway, we're a package deal, you can't have one without the other. This year, I finally managed to tick an item off my bucket list and got to see the band on the Monday night at the RAH, with Vix. A dream fulfilled

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February 11th, 2:46 pm


You might like to know that we're currently having a February Flash sale - don't all crowd through the doors at once like Black Friday, try and behave with a modicum of decorum :-) -

... See moreSee less

You might like to know that were currently having a February Flash sale - dont all crowd through the doors at once like Black Friday, try and behave with a modicum of decorum :-) -



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Hmmm.... Interested in one particular item listed in the sale, when I click on it it says it's out of stock and won't let me order.

Cheapest item in the sale: Somewhere Else studio album, £1. 😳

Great news 🎶💖

Are all items on sale? Is the price reflective of the sale or once you checkout?

Is vinyl included

No left over FEAR mugs I suppose? since mine broke before christmas? :-)

Is that Latinum?



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February 7th, 12:46 pm


Now live - subscribe to The Space, the official online archive of Marillion’s extensive video content.

£5.49 per month or £54.99 for an annual subscription (12 months for the price of 10) with a 3 day free trial.

In The Space you will discover a growing catalogue of the band’s most recent live concert and documentary film and over the coming months titles will be added every Friday.

Each concert film will be available to view in full and each song from each film will also be available to enjoy by itself.

As The Space grows we will delve deeper into Marillion’s visual history, we will expand and develop the service, stream exclusive content and will be asking you to get involved as well!

The Space - For everybody, in the whole of the world.

... See moreSee less

Marillion - The Space - VOD


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Frankly, I really don't like the payed businessmodel. I do believe that every Marillion fan pays enough and gladly does for... the weekends, the media ... longtime followers who go to multiple concerts a year ... merchandise. And now paying £5.49 per month or £54.99 feels like ... it's all about the money. This should be free ... for every fan to enjoy.

Oh my word. I love that last line... 'For everybody in the whole of the world'. This idea has the potential to be something big for us all. So excited for all of us!!

does anyone know when the app will be available on Roku TV?

Presumably the app works with Google Chromecast to be able to show it on a TV screen?


Uhm, is there a minimum term with monthly payment? Or can I cancel my subscription directly after the first month?

Done ❤

Is it a Roku app? That would entice me.

Il meglio della musica mondiale

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