“I haven't changed I swear I haven't changed, How did this happen? I didn't feel myself, Evaporating...”The Invisible Man
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Say the Word

A thousand people in the square today
Pushing by - never come face to face
There might as well be no-one here at all
And I’m so lonely I could cry myself to sleep
I'm hungry for some kind of sign from you
Any excuse for something to say
I'm trembling now there’s nothing I can do
I'm scared in case I scare you away
I wouldn’t ask you for anything
I wouldn't play no silly games
We don't need to be lovers
But we could talk just the same

Take my hand and we're walking out
Take on the world
An unspoken understanding
There's more to me than meets the eye
I don't know you so, tell me, why should I lie?
I'm so tired of everybody here
So proud of what their money bought
I've been storing up all these promises
I would keep if we were to talk
Say the word and we're walking out
Say the word and we'll work it out
Say the word and we'll work it out
Say the word and we'll work it out

Say the word.. and WE'LL WORK IT OUT.