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« on: April 10, 2018, 01:55:39 pm »
Special Edition of RAH Update. On Monday 16th we will be able to post out the Rest Of The World orders. We will hopefully also be able to post out the EU orders by the end of that week. We will then be able to start posting out the UK orders from Monday 22nd and, with the luck of all the gods, by the end of that week everyone in the world should have received them.
As was outlined by the band on March 29th, we were seriously let down by the printers and book binders. They had told us it would take 20 working days to get our stock and our order was placed in good time. They severely underestimated how long it would take them to bind each of the Special Editions and have only been managing to send us small quantities at a time. To date we have received 700 which (thanks to our helpers) have been packed (but not yet shipped) and the remaining 2300 we are being told will be delivered on Monday 16th (1000) and Friday 20th (1300). We will be working solidly every day next week and over the following weekend to make sure that these are packed and posted as quickly as we can humanly do so. We are having another 1000 made by a different company and those will take at least another 30 days to get to us - when we have received them we will put them on sale for those of you who have been wanting to get a copy but missed out on the batch..
Thank you for your understanding and patience and we are sorry that, through no faulty of our own, you have been let down. We hope that when you get it, that the delay would have been worth it as we think they look great.
I have to add that when they arrive with us, not only do they need to be packed but we have had to hand insert the CD's and DVD's (wearing gloves to avoid fingermarks). So it is a BIG job to undertake but we are getting there. Thanks to Sheelagh, Alan and Lucy for helping our yesterday and thanks in advance to all the helpers coming in next week!