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Breaking News / Couch Convention update
« Last post by Lucy on August 14, 2020, 12:57:18 pm »
14th August 2020 - Couch Convention 2020 Latest News

Happy Friday everyone!

Just a quick message to let our UK fans know that our movie 'All One Tonight' is
being shown on Sky Arts tomorrow (Saturday) at 10.00pm.

It's the 2nd half of the show and if they get good viewing figures they may well
show more - so tune in, set the Sky box to record or whatever takes your fancy.

Plans for the Couch Convention are coming on very well and the schedule is
starting to take shape. Check out for timings and the up
to date schedule.

A couple of things that need attention now, are entries to our 'win a coffee
with the band' and 'have your photo taken with the band' competitions - details
for both can be found on the website.

Also, for those of you on Facebook, head over to Ian's Facebook page
( where he is asking in advance for questions
for a drum Q&A / masterclass that he will be doing during the Couch Convention

Please keep an eye on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the Couch Convention website
or our Marillion App for up to date announcements as we won't be sending an
email every time we add something and those channels are the easiest way to keep

Have a great weekend.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
« Last post by Lucy on July 29, 2020, 10:56:52 am »
On Sunday 6th September, you can win a chance to have your photo taken with the band (via Zoom). 10 potential lucky winners have between now and Tuesday 1st September to email your full name and country with the subject PHOTO to

Win Virtual Coffee With The Band
 Also on Sunday 6th September, the band members will be having a virtual coffee (via Zoom) with five lucky winners. To be in with a chance of winning a Zoom Virtual coffee with one member of the band, please email your full name and country with the subject COFFEE to from now until Tuesday 1st September when we will pull five winners and contact them.
Breaking News / Re: Couch Convention 2020
« Last post by Lucy on July 13, 2020, 01:16:19 pm »
Wow! Thank you everyone for the great response to our Couch Convention idea (

Thank you for all of your merchandise pre-orders so far (deadline July 19th). As we are still writing the next album and there are no gigs on the horizon for a long time, it is much appreciated. (

Here are a few of the activities we are planning, to give you a better idea of what’s going to be happening during the Couch Convention.

3 nights of gigs streamed to You Tube, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Marbles in The Park, All One Tonight, Brave Live
Introductions from the band each night.
After show discos on the Friday night
Friday night support act - a combination of bands who have submitted entries in the past to 'Support The Band'
Saturday night support act - a combination of videos of Marillion band members solo projects
Sunday night support act - 'An Audience With Marillion' - hosted lived on Zoom and streamed to You Tube. This will be hosted by Jerry Ewing and Prog Magazine

Auction of posters from the Racket Club attic
Live Marillion Quiz with Mark Kelly
Bass Masterclass with Pete
Drum Q&A with Ian
Live Corona Diary Podcast with Steve h and Ant
Online fun dog show on Marillion 'When I Meet Dog' Facebook group:) With prizes
Steve Rothery online cocktail making
Website treasure hunt round the site and store with prizes
One band member to 'tweet' along with the concert on one of the nights TBC
Virtual Marillion Museum
Worldwide fanclub Q&A’s
Virtual Fun Run with Mark Kelly
Ability to purchase a paid for video message from a band member
Encourage people to take photos of their Couch Convention setup (banners, cushions etc) with prizes
Encourage people to dress up on the Saturday as if attending RAH and upload photos with prizes
Prize for best photo of 'confetti at home' moment
Win a virtual coffee with each member of the band (5 winners)
Win your photo with the band via Zoom (10 winners)
Premiere of one track from Friends From The Orchestra Cardiff 2019 film on You Tube Premiere of two extra tracks on the Marillion streaming site (VOD) for subscribers only
And more will be added, but we hope this gives you the flavour of the weekend!
A full schedule of timed events will be posted over the next few weeks
Breaking News / Re: Couch Convention 2020
« Last post by Lucy on July 07, 2020, 03:09:06 pm »
Breaking News / Couch Convention 2020
« Last post by Lucy on July 07, 2020, 02:58:43 pm »
Couch Convention merch now available to pre-order (until 19th July ONLY) Details of the Couch Convention Events will be posted to the website ( over the next few days.
Breaking News / Lockdown with Marillion
« Last post by Lucy on May 29, 2020, 11:02:31 am »
29th May 2020 - A Lockdown Audience With Marillion
Hi Everyone,
We hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well.
Things are easing up a little here in the UK (as long as we are all good and responsible boys and girls) and the sun has been shining which always makes things better.
We have been able to spend some time making a little bit of noise at the Racket Club with Mike Hunter coordinating control room exclusion zones.
It has been great to spend time in each other's company again, and good to have a sense of purpose after a few weeks feeling adrift.
But we are effectively still locked down and looking after our health, even if the sanity is still a little questionable.
So for band meetings our cat-herding manager Lucy is calling us regularly on Zoom and she thought it would be fun to let you see part of the virtual get together we had on Tuesday.
We’ll spare you the boring bits and skip straight to the light-hearted part when Lucy asked us a series of questions on your behalf.
Think of it as a Marillion Weekend 'Audience with Marillion' without the audience.
And with none of us in the same room.
And no bar.
You get the idea.
We’re putting this exclusive 26 minute clip onto The Space, our official Video On Demand channel, as we’d love for you all to have a chance to look around the growing collection of concert film, documentary and other content that’s available there to buy, rent or enjoy as part of a great value subscription.
It will be free to view for the next seven days and will then be archived on the channel for our growing band of supporters forever!
You won’t need to sign up to watch this content whilst it’s available to view for free, but if you do decide to subscribe then you will enjoy a free 7 day trial period and we will thank you from the bottom of our locked-down hearts for supporting this exciting project.
So, if you want to hear a little bit about how the new album is progressing and, amongst other revelations, discover which band member each of the others would prefer to be quarantined with, then click the link below.
And next Friday we’ll be releasing some more fun for all The Space subscribers as a massive thank you for your support.
Watch this (err…) SPACE and our other social media channels…
Stay safe inmates,
h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
Breaking News / 3rd December 2019 - Marillion App & Video On Demand
« Last post by Lucy on December 04, 2019, 01:54:30 pm »


We'd just like to say a quick thank you to everyone who came along to the shows on the band's recent UK tour. A good time was had by all we think!
In other news, we also have two "soft launches" to announce.

Firstly, we're pleased to say the Marillion app is returning for iPhone and Android.

We've partnered with GigRev who'll be providing the infrastructure for the new app which means as well as all the latest news straight to your mobile device, we'll also be free to spend more time concentrating on giving you some exclusive content, competitions and offers.
This means that the app is now free across all platforms.
The app is available now from GigRev (registration required) -

We'd also like to announce that our new video download and streaming service, marillion.vod - will finally be live shortly - keep checking for further updates and announcements.
And of course, we can't finish without mentioning that the band's European tour kicks off in Nijmegen at the end of this week, full venue and ticket details can be found at

Finally, we'd like to take this chance to remind you of our Christmas opening hours - please note that Racket Records will be closed between 21st December and 6th January and we will be unable to post orders or respond to queries during
that time.
The Racket Records Team
Breaking News / Friends From The Orchestra Update
« Last post by Mark Kennedy on October 11, 2019, 04:07:02 pm »
11th October 2019 - Friends From The Orchestra Update

Thank you all so much for the great response to our new album 'Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra'.
The response has been so great in fact, that it seems we managed to break the printing press at the factory!
To this end, we have had a slight revision to our postage dates.

We had said that we would be able to start posting it out this week, and have managed to get a few hundred orders sent, but the rest of the stock has had delivery to us delayed until next Wednesday.
Rest assured that as soon as it arrives, we have a team of people ready to pack as fast as they can and get the CDs on their way to you.

The same team will also be helping to pack the UK tour t-shirt pre-orders and then move swiftly onto packing up all the Afraid of Sunlight Deluxe Editions.

We can't thank you enough for having the faith to order from us and we hope we can get all your orders to you as quickly and efficiently as possible before the start of the tour on November 1st.

Right, back to rehearsing and we hope to see you all on tour soon.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
Breaking News / We Have A Confession To Make....
« Last post by Mark Kennedy on September 30, 2019, 11:41:29 am »
30th September 2019 - We Have A Confession To Make...

Hello everyone,

We have an announcement and a confession!

Since this year’s conventions we have directed our energies to the early part of our creative process which will lead, at some point, to our next studio album.

However, we also took a quiet decision that it could be a beautiful thing to re-record some of our catalogue along with our friends from the orchestra.

So our brilliant producer and collaborator Michael Hunter wrote some new string arrangements and we took a week out to go to Real World Studios and record with our friends - the wonderful string quartet "In Praise of Folly", the brilliant flautist Emma Halnan and the gifted French Horn-ist, Sam Morris.

The result has exceeded our expectations, is indeed a thing of beauty, and gives us the chance to release this eighty-minute CD to accompany our forthcoming November-December European tour together.

We hope you enjoy the songs and agree with us that some of them are actually better than the originals(!)

Whether or not you agree with that bold statement we’re sure this work will move you.

See you soon when you’ll hear it all live.

h Steve Mark Pete Ian … and Nicole Annemie Margaret Maia Emma and Sam

For more details, and to order, please see

(orders will be shipped from 9th October).


Estonia - to watch the Estonia video, please see
A Collection
Fantastic Place
Beyond You
This Strange Engine
The Hollow Man
The Sky Above The Rain
Seasons End
Ocean Cloud

For Tour Dates, please see
Breaking News / 9th April 2019 - A Few Words From Ian
« Last post by Mark Kennedy on April 09, 2019, 03:43:02 pm »


Is it really three weeks since we were waiting for you all to arrive at PZ?

What a wonderful weekend we had – if we could just find a way to silence the early morning seagull alarm, it would be pretty perfect.

Thank you all for coming and making it so memorable, the boys and I were blown away, yet again, by your enormous warmth - we all had great fun!

Thanks also to those of you who have bought my memoirs, Do I Owe You Money?

It has been amazing to read all your fantastic comments about how much you are enjoying it and I loved meeting so many of you at the book signing.

The first print run of the book has sold out, but we have ordered more and I promise to sign this batch too.

Our wonderful Racket folks have arranged for you to be able to pre-order it and we will send it to you when it arrives in the next two or three weeks.


Every time I read the word ‘memoirs’, I think it might be time for me to finally buy a smoking jacket.

Watch this space…

Looking forward to Lodz this weekend, then Leicester, Montreal and an exciting new weekend in Lisbon – hurrah!

See you all soon.

Where’s my sunglasses? Is it time for a lie down yet?

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