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Breaking News / Clutching At Straws Deluxe Box Sets
« Last post by Mark Kennedy on September 06, 2018, 01:46:30 pm »
6th September 2018 - Clutching At Straws 2018 Deluxe Details

Dear All,

Following on from last year’s revamped versions of Misplaced Childhood and Brave, Warner Music are giving Clutching At Straws the
Deluxe treatment.

The 5 disc package will include new stereo and 5.1 mixes of the album by Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh. We are really pleased
with these and think the stereo mix is an improvement on the original but, in case you don’t agree with us, we have included the original
1987 mix for completeness on the Blu Ray.

We have also included the 19th December 1987 concert at the Edinburgh Playhouse in its entirety spanning 2 discs. Most of this show is
previously unreleased and it has been expertly mixed by Mike Hunter.

Disc 4 contains 19 demo recordings, including 4 previously unreleased demos of Hotel Hobbies/Warm Wet Circles, Just For The Record,
Torch Song and Slàinte Mhath.

The Blu Ray also includes a 60 minute interview style documentary with all 5 members of the band discussing the making of CAS and the
subsequent split with Fish, with Mick Wall, the journalist who wrote the first official Marillion biography.

If you are a fan of CAS and want to immerse yourself in all things Clutching then this release is for you!

The release on November 23rd will also be available as a 5 disc deluxe vinyl box set.


Anyone who pre-orders before the release date will receive a hand signed print (signed by Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve R.)
and will also be entered into a draw to win an original Clutching At Straws leather tour jacket.
Breaking News / MARILLION WEEKENDS 2019
« Last post by Lucy on April 25, 2018, 11:04:26 am »
Dear All,

Well, it's that time of the year again - we are happy to announce the dates and
cities of our Marillion Weekends for 2019.

We have taken a leap and will be doing FIVE in 2019.

21st - 24th March - Center Parcs, Port Zelande, The Netherlands
12th - 14th April - Witwórnia, Lodz, Poland
26th - 28th April - De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK
17th - 19th May - L'Olympia, Montreal, Canada
31st May - 2nd June - Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal

This will be our first time in Portugal (exciting eh?) and of course we are
happy to return to our beloved Montreal after missing out in 2017.  We are STILL
working on trying to make another Marillion Weekend in  Chile happen and will
have an answer either way on that by the end of May.

We know that many of you are now familiar with the set up of a Marillion Weekend
but for any of you who are yet to attend one, here are the details in a

We play three consecutive nights at the same venue and each night we play an
entirely different set list and show. Sometimes we have special guests,
sometimes special show themes or concepts...

Fans from all over the world come to the concerts - especially so at the Centre
Parcs Port Zelande shows as these are residential shows and accommodation is
included in your ticket price.

This gives you the freedom to party for 4 solid days and nights and gives you
plenty of chance to make friends with other like-minded marillionaires and

“We hold the weekends in great affection. From the band point of view -
there’s nothing like them. An unbelievable amount of preparation goes into
making these shows extraordinary. The audience is like one global family and the
atmosphere is electric. Past weekends have become legendary in our minds.”


Ticket prices and full information will be available in May and tickets for the
Weekends will go on sale in June for The Netherlands
and July for the other shows - the Marillion Weekend website will be updated
with information so keep an eye on it.

We hope to see as many of our worldwide family as possible - let's make these
the best Weekends yet.

H, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve

« Last post by Lucy on April 10, 2018, 01:55:39 pm »
Special Edition of RAH Update. On Monday 16th we will be able to post out the Rest Of The World orders. We will hopefully also be able to post out the EU orders by the end of that week. We will then be able to start posting out the UK orders from Monday 22nd and, with the luck of all the gods, by the end of that week everyone in the world should have received them.
As was outlined by the band on March 29th, we were seriously let down by the printers and book binders. They had told us it would take 20 working days to get our stock and our order was placed in good time. They severely underestimated how long it would take them to bind each of the Special Editions and have only been managing to send us small quantities at a time. To date we have received 700 which (thanks to our helpers) have been packed (but not yet shipped) and the remaining 2300 we are being told will be delivered on Monday 16th (1000) and Friday 20th (1300). We will be working solidly every day next week and over the following weekend to make sure that these are packed and posted as quickly as we can humanly do so. We are having another 1000 made by a different company and those will take at least another 30 days to get to us - when we have received them we will put them on sale for those of you who have been wanting to get a copy but missed out on the batch..
Thank you for your understanding and patience and we are sorry that, through no faulty of our own, you have been let down. We hope that when you get it, that the delay would have been worth it as we think they look great.
I have to add that when they arrive with us, not only do they need to be packed but we have had to hand insert the CD's and DVD's (wearing gloves to avoid fingermarks). So it is a BIG job to undertake but we are getting there. Thanks to Sheelagh, Alan and Lucy for helping our yesterday and thanks in advance to all the helpers coming in next week!
Breaking News / Marillion at The Royal Albert Hall
« Last post by Lucy on March 12, 2018, 12:49:20 pm »
In October last year, 5000 of you descended, from all over the world, upon the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London to watch Marillion play there for the first time ever.

And what a night it was..

This extraordinary event was captured on “film” (HD video really) and now, after months of work, we are ready to unveil it to the rest of the world.

It is available to pre-order now on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and "Special Edition". This will be released on April 6th.

2 CD -
2 DVD -

Trailer -

On March 26th, Everyman Cinemas will be screening “All One Tonight” in selected cinemas in the UK and there are some limited tickets left for this.

We have also been told that our worldwide fan-clubs have plans for screening-events, so please contact your local fan club for details (excluding UK).

We believe that this gig is up there with our best. It was a night most precious in our memories and our vision and sound team have brilliantly captured the vibration (which was pretty stellar on the night).

We hope you enjoy reliving this already-legendary concert.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
Breaking News / Cinema Screening of RAH concert
« Last post by Lucy on February 23, 2018, 04:33:09 pm »
We are pleased to announce that Everyman Cinemas are doing some cinema screenings in the UK of our Royal Albert Hall Concert from last October this March 26th. 

The venues will be:

Kings Cross

They are still waiting for council approval for four of the venues but two of them are on sale now!

The councils have rated it 18 (long story!) so we are sorry that no one under that age will be able to attend.

The cinema site will be updated when they get the approvals through.

Some of the Web fanbclubs round the world are also in the process of organising some screenings and will probably be in touch with their members shortly.
« Last post by Lucy on February 06, 2018, 02:39:33 pm »
Last few days to order either the Deluxe Brave CD or Vinyl Box from us and get a FREE hand signed print! We have to place our final order on February 16th so don't delay.


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