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Breaking News / New Vinyl Releases at Racket Records
« Last post by Lucy on August 07, 2017, 04:41:15 pm »
It's vinyl mania at Racket Records!
We have managed to get hold of some more Limited Edition Misplaced Childhood Deluxe Boxsets which the band will sign as soon as they arrive. Also available to order are a TRIPLE vinyl edition of Marbles (on vinyl for the first time) and due to popular demand a re-release of both volumes of Happiness Is The Road on vinyl. Happy shopping!
Breaking News / FUNDRAISING
« Last post by Lucy on July 06, 2017, 03:35:45 pm »
We have decided to raffle off the giant poster that was onsite in Holland at our Marillion Weekend 2017 and the band have all signed it! It is very big but a great piece of Marillion memorabilia.

All you need to do is to donate £5. Please make sure you include your full name and provide your email address (don't worry the email address is only visible to us). Feel free to donate more if you like and each £5 will guarantee you one ticket for the draw.

On July 31st we will 'pull one name out of the hat' and the winner will be notified and we will arrange to send the banner out to you.
As many of you will be aware, The Guardian newspaper gave our latest album F E A R a stunning 5 star review. This was written by Tim Hall who tragically died from cancer a few weeks ago. As a tribute and thank you to Tim, we are going to send all the money raised to the Hospice that looked after Tim during his final days.

We are sure you will agree that this is a worthy cause.
Thanks in advance for your support.

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve
Breaking News / Ladies Summer t-shirt sale
« Last post by Lucy on June 21, 2017, 11:52:35 am »
It's the big Racket Records 2017 T-Shirt clearance! (this time for Ladies Only) So, grab yourself a bargain....
All of the items that are on sale can be found on this page.
Breaking News / GOLD FEAR VINYL
« Last post by Lucy on May 02, 2017, 03:05:02 pm »
The Limited Edition Gold Vinyl of FEAR from Record Store Day is now available on our website:
Breaking News / Misplaced Childhood Deluxe Edition
« Last post by Lucy on May 02, 2017, 01:46:06 pm »
Following the demise of our old record company EMI,  our first 8 albums were taken up by Warner Music. With our assistance, they have decided it’s time to bring those albums up to date. 

The first album to get the makeover will be Misplaced Childhood. The package will include a 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson and a new stereo master taken from the original analog 1/2” tape. This will be used to make a new vinyl and CD version which we believe to be superior to the 1998 re-master.

There will also be a documentary video on the Blu-ray version about the making of the album featuring Marillion, producer Chris Kimsey and Fish, where we reveal some previously untold stories about the writing and recording of Misplaced Childhood. We hope you will enjoy revisiting this album when it’s released in July.  It is available to pre-order now:

CD/Bluray version..
Vinyl Box Set version..
Breaking News / Thankyou
« Last post by Lucy on March 31, 2017, 01:15:44 pm »
From Mark, Pete and H (and Steve and Ian echo the sentiments!)

"There were too many highlights to mention but I’ll pick a few of my favourites. There was the surprise smorgasbord set on the Friday night that had everyone trying to guess what the theme was (there wasn’t one) unless you call it "Acoustic Bobsleigh Sandwich” where the bread was a fine mixture of old and seldom heard favourites and the filling morphed from “h natural” thru "Los Trios” and into “Marillion Bobsleigh”
On Saturday everyone guessed we would play all of FEAR but seeing the crowd bouncing up and down as one as we played through a selection of Clutching At Straws heavy vintage Marillion was just like the old Marquee days. We were all young again for an hour. Then fast-forward to 2017 and the fear album was a tour de force to end the night and leave everyone wanting more.
Again, everyone was expecting Dot Com but to see the looks on peoples faces as the curtains opened and the sublime sight and sound of the string quartet playing the familiar but fresh opening bars of A Legacy was unforgettable.
It was great to have so many fine guest musicians on stage with us too.
We were blessed with the finest weather ever at PZ and even the fun run was fun!
I’m already looking forward to the next one.


"Well what an amazing weekend that was. The fine weather coupled with the extra day seemed to add to the laid back and convivial atmosphere all round the park. I can't even put into words the reaction I got from everyone I met regarding the three nights.
If I had to choose the evening I enjoyed the most I'd probably say Saturday, purely because we've all been waiting so long to play F E A R in its entirety and I can see The Leavers becoming our new must play classic in the near future.
After each convention fans come up to me and say "that was the best one yet"
You know what, I think this time it really was.
Thank you all.


"Not sure I could add to that apart from to say that I used up yet another life and I really must get out of the habit of almost having to leave Ouddorp before the end, in an ambulance.
Cracking weekend (I’m not just talking about my ribs).


More photos will be added to our Flickr page very soon..  Thanks to all of our great photographers who will be credited in full over at Flickr

If you missed out on a Weekend T-Shirt in Holland we are running a Pre-Order on these for the next week in the Racket Store.
Visit to get hold of one, once they are gone, they are gone..

The Racket Records Team.
« Last post by Lucy on December 05, 2016, 06:50:16 pm »
Marillion were not expecting The Royal Albert Hall show to sell out in days, let alone minutes, so the demand for tickets has taken us totally by surprise.

Having said that, we are not sure we could have done anything to prevent your frustration.  We have and will continue to do everything we can to support and serve our fans.

We are well aware that our music is only possible with your faith and we don't take even one of you for granted.

Lucy (our Manager) works tirelessly to address your concerns and where there is any unfairness, we'll bend over backwards to put it right.
BUT there wasn't a system available to us which can prevent touts buying tickets and selling them on. For the record, any sky-high prices being charged by touts will not be coming OUR way as these tickets were purchased at normal face value.

It would appear we have become more successful this year. Obviously we are delighted about that but with it, comes a brand new set of problems. We are doing all we can.  We can only apologise, but this situation is totally beyond our control.

However - Over 1000 of the tickets at RAH are debenture or member seats. When the member seats are sent out, members can choose to attend, leave their seat empty, or make it available to RAH box office for general sale. We have been clear that we would like as many returns as possible and although we don’t have any control over who returns what/when, we do hope to be able to give you a heads up on when the member tickets are going out.

Thanks again for your support and loyalty – we are all a bit overwhelmed
Breaking News / Marillion Live At The Royal Albert Hall
« Last post by Lucy on November 30, 2016, 01:01:20 pm »
Marillion are proud to announce our forthcoming appearance at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The classiest venue in the world, and, for us a life’s ambition realised. Conscious of the venue’s history and having seen one or two first-rate shows there ourselves, we will make a show worthy of this hallowed space.

13th October 2017.  Tickets on sale from December 5th.
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