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Prog's Album Of The Week is the amazing and controversial new album from Marillion...

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Eddie Roy MalthouseThis Marillion fan of 36 years is stunned to the point of tears how good this album is. True progressive rock that grows and grows with every listen. Stunning and moving truly great music. I love Marillion and always have!!!4 days ago   ·  19
Michael William SabolAfter listening through it, I said it kinda sounds like "Brave" but more progressive.Then I saw what the band posted about it and they said it sounds like "Brave" and really powerful. Sounds like a match to me. Can't wait for the Kez show in November.4 days ago   ·  9
Andy GassonI've played FEAR start to finish 4 times today. Can't seem to stop listening to it. No band can stop me in my tracks like Marillion. It should not be possible for them to keep delivering the goods but somehow they do. Unbelievable how good this album is.3 days ago   ·  5
Ymerej KcocnahListened to this album 6 times already and still can't move on. Fantastic album and the best output since Marbles. 10/10.....put that in perspective Wish you Where Here and Grace under Pressure are probably my only 10/10 albums. Boys you never get boring and it's a pleasure to have heard your music. Thank you.......best £27 I have spent in my hobby called music.2 days ago   ·  2
John PantosHave listened through 7-8 times now since it arrived Friday. Much like Brave, it's growing on me a bit more every time and the songs are already planting their melodies in my mind. I seldom listen to entire albums these day, but am really enjoying this work. Cannot wait til end of October (and maybe springtime!)4 days ago   ·  3
Walter Locht"White Paper" is a beautiful and surprising chord-changes master class with so great melodies on top. Very impressive! (And I even haven't gotten into the lyrics yet!) Thank you so much for being still around and with all that atention to detail as always!4 days ago   ·  2
Lax MadapatyThere's a reason I consider Marillion to be the Godfathers of progressive rock. Before them, the so called progressive rock bands wrote about science fiction and stuff I never cared about. In come Marillion and writes about childhood, alcoholism's devastating effects, personal stories, the human condition. I could connect to those themes, enjoy the music at a different level altogether! Long Live Marillion! Thanks for writing about stuff you care about. Gaza was a stunner, so was Ocean Cloud and now this!12 hours ago
Joe MotzI've been listening for a few days to the download, but my disc arrived today in the post. It's playing at this very moment, but it's too early to pin down any favorites. That said, I do like the whole of "The Leavers" & "The New Kings" quite a bit. This is an album that is going to take me some time to take in and understand, but so far I'm digging it quite a bit.4 days ago   ·  3
Marc VuijkI am waiting for my cd to arrive in the post so i have to do with listening to spotify on my jbl 3 wich is a good sound but marillion deserves my normal speakers. So far i love the leavers and the new kings and eldorado as well but i must say i am not to fond of "living in fear" I want to like it but its not working for me at the moment. I have to wait for my cd to arrive and listen to it properly. My alltime marillion songs remain " the invisible man and this strange engine" but the new kings could be up there, who knows😃 And to the other people who still say marillion isnt as good as with fish, its a stupid comment cause H took marillion in a different direction, further than Fish ever would have been able to go. Don't get me wrong"script for a jesters tear " is amazing and so is Fugazi but "marbles, afraid of sunlight and brave are right up there. Even albums like "this strange engine and anorakphobia " are amazing and very strong albums. For me Marillion with H is magical while marillion with fish was good but limited!!!!4 days ago   ·  3
Andy LewisIt's amazing what their albums do each time you listen to them. On first listen I thought where's Steve Rothery gone. But then on the next few listens he came through loud and clear. There's so many layers to the tracks I wouldn't know where to start. It's very much in the same vain as brave. White paper is this albums sky above the rain. So much light and shade throughout. A brilliant album. Looking forward to hearing them live.4 days ago   ·  1
Gert van BruggenFinally had the time to listen, in the car. Not the best circumstances, but I already know this is a masterpiece and I can't wait until the weekend to enjoy it the way it should be done: alone and with no lights on. Unmatched quality and worth the long wait!3 days ago   ·  1
Alan WilliamsA truly great album, and I have only played it once. Once again the lyrics mean so much and describes what going on in our world today. I would recommend you go out & get this Album, you won't be dissapointed.3 days ago   ·  1
Marc MekidoncLiving in France, I have not yet received the pre-ordered FEAR album (and I'm quite worry, in fact). I listened the downloaded tracks from Pledge Music and I an say I really loved what I heard. It's always amazing when a band continue to makes so good music and evolves so well. Marillion does it perfectly. Thank you boys for your music, during all these years.2 days ago   ·  1
Wendy KentLike others my reaction was that it sounds a bit like Brave, which sadly is not an album I like. However it is much lighter and much more understandable. Can't wait for Aylesbury in November.4 days ago   ·  1
Pippa BeechPlayed it twice now but not had time to sit and listen properly to the lyrics. my first thought was classic Marillion and i like what I've heard. i'm looking forward to it growing on me before i see you in Manchester.4 days ago   ·  1
Paul WilliamsThe whole album from start to finish is just a work of art 18 albums in and they have still got it ,probably stronger than ever ,hope this brings more people into the Marillion family. Xx3 days ago   ·  1
Stefan KuhlmannA gentle behemoth of an album. Each song an ever moving beast of soundscapes and melodies. Prog as prog should be. A fucking masterpiece goddammit! Thank you Marillion.4 days ago   ·  1
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsJust spotted the 'Somewhere Else' reference at the end of The Remainers - lyrically and musically. Excellent!! Absolutely cemented in my head as one of the best ever.20 hours ago
Todd Thomas DarkSo much music is a snack. Marillion always delivers a feast. A gorgeous, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching feast. Serving after serving prepared by master chefs. I'm enjoying digging in.4 days ago   ·  1
Nick SamsonFirst listen of anything for me is a background sound. First impression was good. Now need to sit down with no distractions and have a closer listen 😆4 days ago   ·  2
Paul CharlesGot mine in Long Island today. A new Marillion album is like a fine wine. You have to open it up and let it breathe for a while. Was not impressed on the first listen but then got more and more into it as I spun it again. Still need a few more listens. Hope all of you enjoy it.4 days ago   ·  1
Gerard ColemanSeriously Eddie? I'm also a fan of 36 years and I'm board to the point of tears! It's a poor album and devoid of anything that resembles anything of the quality of Marbles.41 minutes ago
Jake BeachI'm sure people who are saying it isn't any good and it's boring are just being negative for the sake of it. Or they need there ears tested.4 days ago   ·  2
PledgeMusicHi everyone, If you have an issue with your order, please make sure to contact us directly instead of the band or Lucy. The best way to get in touch is via your order here - pledgemusic.com/pledges. Alternatively you can contact us on help@pledgemusic.com. Regards, PledgeMusic2 days ago
Rich FaulknerStunning stunning stunning. Beautifully melodic. Comfortably the best since marbles certainly one of their best. I'm about 5 listens in and it is getting better and better.4 days ago   ·  2

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Valeri DimitrovSo Marillion , your F.E.A.R album was the leading news discussed for half an hour here , in Bulgaria , prime weekend noon time , on the airwaves of our Bulgarian National Radio. Congratulations !5 days ago   ·  12
Roy Dickinsonnot been much of a fan since the Fish days but I am intrigued, I'll give it a shot !7 days ago   ·  6
Bryn Roberts"Fucking cracking" Bryn from North Yorkshire :-)1 week ago   ·  8
Alan KilbyOne listen so far and feels like one of the best Marillion albums ever. Fabulous music and truly intense and thoughtful lyrics...real poetry. Congratulations to the band and everyone involved...you have totally nailed it!1 week ago   ·  27
José SchaapBeing a fan since 1988 and all those years i still wonder why this music grabs me. Got Fear in today and as always i said great album after listening it once, now ive to say after listening it 5 times.. its an amazing album and the music still hits me straight in the heart! Just say: play it loud with the lights off 😄 thanks guys for this album! See you in December, can't wait!1 week ago   ·  15
Dirk BelitzSuch an amazing album guys! Another one of the best you ever did! Standing in line with 'brave' and 'marbles' ... couldn't say what's best ... and there's no need to anyway ... a big THANK YOU for this georgious piece of art, for decades of music that takes my heart and mind to another world and for your continuity in producing sounds and musical genius like ... I don't know ... is there any other band comparable to MARILLION??? 😉 Love and peace to all of you ❤6 days ago   ·  2
Derek DruryHave spent much of today listening to the new album. Stunning. From the first note to the last it is yet another brilliant production. Cannot wait to see it live in December. It will be a great way to celebrate my 50th.6 days ago   ·  1
John CurlewisMarillion. FEAR. Congratulations chaps, the best album from anybody in a very long time. I am now fully behind you guys again, sorry for being away too long.1 week ago   ·  6
Matthew Van HornGlad I didn't pay for this one. It's preachy, self-righteous, dripping with regressive white guilt. It's a Howard Zinn musical. Yes, Steve, you ARE naive. Melting your means of protecting yourself won't save you when a Muslim shouting God is Great shoots up one of your shows. Good luck with that.4 days ago
Rick CarrGreat album and well worth the wait. I've only listened to it once so far and looking forward to countless listens over the next few weeks. BUT where is my name in the list of people who pre-ordered and helped fund the project???? I've looked and looked but can't find it anywhere.7 days ago   ·  1
Anaïs P-Bayart BulsaraWhy do every of my favorite bands make an album in the same time ? It’s longer to wait then... and more expensive... but anyway, glad to see you come back, and I look forward to seeing you on december !!6 days ago   ·  1
Stephen BinghamWell it's a very solid album from start to finish, very consistent, but I think I'll refrain from any further comment, apart from saying it pisses all over the much overrated patchwork quilt that is Marbles, until I've bedded in with it a bit more.6 days ago   ·  1
Terry WarrickMy copy just arrived here on the East Coast. I'll be delving into it tonight. Haven't listened to anything from it yet. Wanted to wait until I could hear it in my car for my initial listen. MP3's are for assholes.23 hours ago
Roger MoonThis is certainly not 'easy listening', but if you give it a chance to express itself, the music will take you to depths that only a brilliant band such as Marillion can achieve. Spine tingling stuff!!🙂7 days ago   ·  3
Sally WrightStunning. Living in Fear fave at the moment, but all lyrically brilliant thought provoking, with the usual fantastic Marillion musical tones. Loving it, hope more people REALLY listen to it. x6 days ago   ·  1
Jérôme AmbrosI've listened it thoroughly several times.. Just beautiful voice and music, sensitive, true... One of my All Time favourite ones,from Steve 's Era with Marbles, Season's End and This Strange Engine...2 days ago
Paul GaylerMine has arrived in the post today. These reviews, added to the bands own sincere thoughts already expressed, whet my appetite even more. Hey it's Marillion it gonna be good! 😊🎼7 days ago   ·  1
Thomas WardSo much of Marillion's music is about expectation: the bit that comes before the bit after, and this is full of that. It always rewards repeated listens, and this is no different. Special stuff.1 week ago   ·  2
Michael G HaynesI'm in the middle of my first listen right now and I am definitely digging the new album. Not sure where I'd 'rank'it. I'm not even sure it's possible for me to rank their body of work anymore. I just wish I could have splurged for a signed deluxe cd package this time - I think it's the first time since Anoraknophobia I didn't do go deluxe.6 days ago
Victor Carranza SalasEvery release I tend to think you cannot go furrher in music but you do; you have never let me down and never will. True compliments for a great piece of work that has thrilled me to the bones. Thank you.6 days ago
Dennis GlaaskerThis album is incredible. Sometimes I pitty with Steve hogart...about 30 years with Marillion and people still all the talking about Fish.. I must admit.. I am guilty too. I recall going to Ahoy Rotterdam late 80s to see the Seasons End Tour, and when i heard a group of young girls screaming 'Hogey Hogey' I was pretty much sure Marillion would go the wrong turn, as I also found songs like 'Hooks in You' too poppy that time. But I have been proven wrong. This album rocks and has a beautiful atmosphere that fans of all ages will recognize and love.4 days ago
Adrian MichieRecievedmy Cd copy today. The packaging and book look amazing. Can't wait to listen to it. Hopefully see you in Australia soon. Cheers.1 day ago
Rob VermeulenGreat reviews! But it's a shame that a lot of fans who joined the pledge music project still haven't received the CD yet. Like me I already payed over a year ago and it's very disappointing that it's still not in my cd player....... :-(1 day ago
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsCurrently in the middle of this! Oh, and a mention for Paddy McAloon for inspirational words in the credits. He lives half a mile from me! :)1 week ago   ·  1
Andrew StewartJust played it through for the first time, and I know it's not immediate, which really means it will be outstanding by the 5th listen. Genius.7 days ago   ·  2

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