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June 11th, 11:34 am


Thank you all once again for the fabulous reception at all of our recent Marillion Weekends. If you were at any of them, we would like to give you a chance to win Ian, Pete, Steve, Mark or h's personal AAA passes (see picture). To be in with a chance, simply state below which Weekend you attended and your best memory of that Weekend. We will pick five winners on Monday June 17th. Good luck! ... See moreSee less

Thank you all once again for the fabulous reception at all of our recent Marillion Weekends.  If you were at any of them, we would like to give you a chance to win Ian, Pete, Steve, Mark or hs personal AAA passes (see picture).   To be in with a chance, simply state below which Weekend you attended and your best memory of that Weekend.  We will pick five winners on Monday June 17th.  Good luck!


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Having Lucy call me up on stage to play a couple bits on Ian’s kit ! It was the MOST bittersweet moment of my entire life, as it was on the 5th anniversary of my BEST friend’s passing. Also, all the pre gaming fun at our hotel cocktail party & Brutopia. Almost a month later, and I’m STILL on a high !!!!! Eternally grateful is an understatement ! 💕👍🥁

PZ and Montréal. My favorite memory is with my daughter Antonia turning 14 years old. Hugging each other, crying for joy...surrounded by friends from all over the world and my favorite band playing my actual anthem “Happiness is the Road”...Unforgettable moment...

It was my first at Montreal as well, and quite literally was the best weekend of my life. The songs played were literally perfect for what I would’ve chosen. Getting to hear Splintering Heart, Brave and Hollow Man were some of my favorite moments. I cried through all of them, I was so overwhelmed with emotion. Not to mention the amazing experience of meeting such lovely people. My depth of gratitude to H, Ian, Pete, Rothery & Mark, Lucy Jordache Marillion, and all others involved to give us this experience is beyond my ability to express properly.

My son and I attended our first weekend in Montreal. When Fantastic Place ended, my son looked at me, smiled, and said “that was just perfect”. Indeed. It was lovely to experience the whole Montreal weekend with my son having my late husbands spirit with us. (Scott wore his dad’s Marillion t-shirt that Sunday night) Je t’aime Montreal

My favourite memory is having my first dance with my husband to fantastic place in Leicester. Magical moment for us both ❤️

Montreal was my first Marillion Weekend and, boy, did you ever exceed my expectations! Fabulous music and setlists aside, my favourite moment was Ian coming over (unbidden) to our table at Brutopia and checking to see if we were enjoying our burgers. I don’t know of any other band or popular musician who would do that! Thanks for being, above all, authentic, genuine people first and foremost.

I attended the Montreal weekend, also my first ever! So many memories to speak of but it was really easy to pick one: When Barb was almost unable to attend the Sunday night but then she was able to. And the hug Barbara Mehta and Vijay Mehta gave each other when they sat down in their chairs and realized they were going to experience magic that night, together ♥️. I couldn't hold it together and may or may not have burst into tears (I guess you will never know 😊). Marillion doesn't only make brilliant music. They also create memories for fans and that's priceless.

Montréal!!! Saturday night overall was amazing! But the best memory from the weekend was probably the awesome performance of Ocean Cloud, and the love and positive energy that comes from spending time with 2000 Marillion fans!!

My first Weekend in Montreal. Night 3, during Essence. I FELT the part "choose life, choose living" like sunlight streaming through my heart, illuminating the hidden possibilities of all I could be. I may admittedly love Marillion songs for their emotional weight and ability to make me cry, but this sonic hug of optimism was so beautiful and precious.

Leceister for me and being asked if I was lucy was the highlight for me Very flattering compliment for me and of course the amazing photo shoots given us by the lovely band and lucy.... Side bar the visual effects amazing xx

I went to all five. Couldn't possibly pick a favourite moment as I loved them all for different reasons. One thing that was consistent though was the amazing marillion extended family. (Almost) every single fan we bumped into along the way was friendly and warm.

We were in Leicester for our honeymoon. My favourite memory was when the band played “One Tonight”, the song we had played at our wedding as we left. The confetti cannons went off, my eyes brimmed over (the way they always do at that song anyway) and I turned to tell Jemma that’s I’d lost the battle again to find her sobbing (in an amazing, overjoyed way). Both of us, arms around each other, singing our hearts out, tears streaming and absolutely covered in confetti. It was a truly beautiful moment that closed off our wedding and honeymoon absolutely perfectly.

Montréal. My first weekend all the way from Mexico City. The city was beautiful and I was lucky enough to attend along with some of my best friends. And my friends all know that I have a very deep love for Invisible Ink. When the band started playing one of my dearest songs, my friends let me know they were very happy for me. That was an incredible feeling, and I cannot thank Marillion and my buddies enough. 🙂

Just PZ. The fact that I was able to attend at all was a prize; my main goal, besides Marillion, was to see, hug and spend time with everyone because you never know. I now have an álbum full of wonderful memories to last me until next time ❤

Portugal❤️ My first Marillion weekend and i loved it all🙏 It was a weekend with lovely Music, atmosphere and my new love that i met at a concert with Steve Rothery enjoyed it together🥰

I was at Montreal, my first weekend. It's so hard to pick ONE favorite memory, like everyone says, but being able to share the music and emotion with my recently converted best friend was priceless. We've been going to concerts together since we were 15, but Marillion Montreal weekend was the most magical.

Montreal. Best memory was repeated all three nights as 2 of my daughters rocked out by my side for their first 3 Marillion concerts ever and our first weekend as well. Amazing experience!

PZ and Montréal...although there are too many great moments to list...my favorite was finally meeting Ian after Saturday’s gig in Montréal.😎

PZ and Lisbon for me. Favourite moment? How could I possibly choose? Impossible. But apart from the utterly stunning gigs (that Marillion band bloody r.o.c.k.s!) I can say that in PZ, it was so lovely to watch the genuine excitement of Steven Banks having his photo taken with the band, and the re-make of his old „stalker“ one with h. So funny. And Lisbon was so chilled and beautiful I just didn‘t want it to end EVER.

Lisbon for me the beautiful city and the great work from Web Portugal. And never been so close with Web Germany so many fantastic nights in the Bar with Markus and friends. ❤❤❤

PZ and Leicester... Best memory? The Thursday night/well into Friday morning at PZ when I made many new friends from Germany. Set the tone for the best PZ I’ve attended (and I’ve attended all of them).

PZ and Leicester. It was my first PZ and I felt at home as soon as I stepped of the bus, it was such an amazing atmosphere from start to finish. Thank you to my wonderful German friends Norbert Middelmann Thorsten Kern Wolfgang Röhl and Birgit Hünseler for inviting me to stay in your chalet. So many memories starting with a night of Bitburger oblivion with Brian Sims. The Friday night Marillion set nearly broke me! The stunning visuals on Ocean Cloud. Watching my best friend Martin Jakubski tear it up at Swap the Band. I have to selfishly say my favourite Leicester memory was the audience reaction to our(StillMarillion) performance of The Space at The Y Theatre. Two great weekends with so many friends, great music and of course beer. Bring on 2021!

After hearing for years about the Marillion Weekends I finally caved in and went to the Montreal show. Having been to several prog rock fests and experiencing the loving community of a perennial prog cruise I was skeptical about the mysterious "family" and the "magic" that was spoken of regarding the Weekends. Surely it was all hype, luckily for me it was not. I am 50 years old and thought I had experienced every emotion possible in this life but on Saturday, May 18, 2019, Marillion began a series of songs beginning with Estonia that slowly opened my heart completely, lifted it out of my chest and bared it to anyone and everyone around me. That night, that moment, L'Olympia was a home full of hearts and souls beating and bleeding in unity. We all felt it, you could see it in our faces, our tears, and the loving hugs that followed. You could hear it in H's voice emoting our pain, our joy, our awe in the raw and naked feelings. We were transfixed, we were transported, we were a family. The magic was real and I am so grateful.

Port Zélande Being on stage with the band as one of the members of the winning team of the Marillion quiz was a moment I'll never forget!! Thank you team members as well my chalet mates for a fantastic PZ!!

I attended Montreal My best moment was Sunday night with my wife attending her first Marillion concert

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June 6th, 1:09 pm


We are delighted to be nominated in two categories at this years Prog Awards - Best Event for our Marillion Weekends and Best Reissue for Clutching At Straws. We hope you can take a minute out of your day and throw some votes our way:) www.loudersound.com/progawards ... See moreSee less

We are delighted to be nominated in two categories at this years Prog Awards - Best Event for our Marillion Weekends and Best Reissue for Clutching At Straws. We hope you can take a minute out of your day and throw some votes our way:) http://www.loudersound.com/progawards


Comment on Facebook

Voted for the Fantastic Weekends and also Cutching at Straws. I love that album!

Done ! You deserve it !

Voted for Marillion weekends. It was amazing experience.

Marillion for ever. Essen Dec.2019 two Times!!!

Done ✅ 🙂 Port Zélande was amazing !!

❤️ Weekends - Done!

I'll take your Marillion.Cl releases (as well as previous Weekend CDs) over any historic re-release anytime. THESE should get more exposure and recognition. The whole remaster craze is getting a bit ridiculous, by the way, I'm glad that Marillion are quite reasonable in this respect 😃

I voted with pleasure :)

What a nightmare web site to navigate with all the advertising! 😡

Already done yesterday 😁

Warm.wet circle


done - fingers crossed <3

Voted 😁❤️

Voted! Good Luck!

It's already done

Voted!!!! ✅ ✅ 😀 Good Luck!🍀🍀

I voted for both.

Marillion for ever. Essen Dec.2019 two Times!!!

You have my vote <3

Done and done!

Vote all the Marillion....Great.....

Clutching at Weekends! 😎

done it yesterday 😘

Done xxx

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June 5th, 10:16 am


5th June 2019 - Marillion Weekends 2019 - Thank You!

Dear all,

Port Zelande, Lodz, Leicester, Montreal and Lisbon. All we can say is wow and thank you.

We have read all of your emails, Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram comments and we have been overjoyed to see that you all seem to have had an amazing time.

The reaction to our music (along with the superb sound and visual production), has been astounding.

Dare we say these were our best yet?

Who knows, but thank you to each and everyone one of you who came along to share your love, spend your time and provide us with the money we will use to fund
planet Marillion while we work on the next album..

Thanks also for your amazing generosity at our charity raffles for Pace and Hope Flowers where we raised an extraordinary amount of money.

Have a good summer and hopefully we will see some of you on the road in November/ December at our 'Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra' shows.

h Steve Mark Pete Ian
... See moreSee less


Comment on Facebook

MW Lodz 🇵🇱 it's been a great time. 3 days of pure emotions filed with music, joy, laughs, tears, friends, lights. #marillionexperience. The family. The way of life. Thank you & see you soon again

Thank you for Łódź, that was the most amazing experience! Technically it wasn't perfect, the weather was dreadful compared to Lisbon 😬 but it's all in the hearts, isn't it! I had the best time of my life among my Friends, thank you with all my heart for this opportunity! <3

Thank you marillion and all involved with the band, Leicester was an incredible weekend, music was amazing and met some great people and a dinosaur. Lol, Can’t wait to do it all again

It was awesome, thank you for the fantastic experience. I think it was the best yet (you guys just keep getting better. I'm happy to keep giving you my $$.

Thanks guys. Amazing time at my first PZ and another amazing Leicester weekend. Love you guys and the whole Marillion family. Such joy in my life. I hope you are all now having a well earnt rest.😘😘😘

We loved our first weekend in Montreal 💜

Thank you for the great 3 nights in Łódź. Hope to see you again there in 2021😊

🇵🇱❤️Thank you for Poland, great atmosphere and beautiful memories. Fingers crossed for 2021. PS: Lisbon was also awesome.

I was able to have amazing time in Łódź. 🥰 It was like a dream...❤️ Thank you so much!! 💐

Thank You for Marillion Weekend in Łódź 🙂 Amazing time... together forever 👍 I hope to see Marillion in Łódź in 2021 😉

Been a truly a wonderful experience doing all five was once in a lifetime opportunity Enjoyed every single one Thank you so much for making lots of amazing memories that we will have forever 😍😍😎

Thank you Marillion! What a great weekend in Montreal! Electric was the atmosphere in the Olympia as the audience and the band were all together. I have never seen a concert end like Sunday at Olympia.Slainte Mhath then We Come Together, and confetti falling from above. Electric is not a strong enough word. Wow! No one wanted to leave. People from 28 countries came together with Marillion to make the best shows I have ever seen. Awesome Marillion! Thank you Lucy and all who worked so very hard to put the weekend together. We loved the new swag too!

Les-tah my best ever, bonus meeting h albeit briefly! The whole weekend great music, sound n visuals, getting to know people better and finding new friends oh and I think I went to a wedding too! Great tonic to what had been a very crappy year - thanks guys see you in November somewhere 💜

First M weekend in Montreal. So much music, so many great people. No matter how I try I just can't get that energy in the living room of my house.

just a big thank you to everybody at Leicester, Marillon are a better way of life . Ocean cloud will live long in the memory . So many highs . Also to everybody that attend thanks for making me feel part of the family

Thank you, MARILLION for three amazing days in Lodz! It was wonderful time. I hope You will come back. ❤️

Thank you so much. Fantastic and amazing weekend in lisbon. It was my first weekend and i am waiting for the next. There is no words to discribe the magnifics shows. Marillion is the best band of the world, there is no doubt ! Thanks, especially to S.Rothery, Pete and Ian for nice fotos !

Thank You again :,) for amazing weekend in Poland and Portugal :)

I finally could get back to a Marillion Weekend!! First time visited Montreal 😍, the experience was beyond words!! Thank you so much for everything you do for your fans!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Thank you Team Marillion for the wonderful memories of Montreal that will stay with me forever. Simply exceptional music and a family vibe that doesn't exist anywhere else in music!

Thanks a lot guys for this last weekend. My first Marillion weekend which I never forget! You’re the best band in the world. We love you.❤️

Thank You for Łódź <3 I hope to see You in Łódź in 2021 <3

The shows in Łódź were superb: great music, great sound, great lights. I hope to meet you there in 2021 😍

We still want more...never enough, Thank You for polish weekend hope to meet You again in Łódź

Thanks for the 3 very wonderful performances in Lisbon. Hope to see you in November in Paris.

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